Why Dyeing Your Hair Is Dangerous


(This was my second time doing it - the first time I anded up in the hospital)

It doesn't look pretty, I know.. That's why I wanted to take the time to explain the dangers of hair dye which caused this..  About 10 years ago I went to the salon to get my hair dyed like I had done the past 5 times or so, no biggie.. But that very LAST time I went..I ended up in the hospital!!! The pictures that you see here are super mild and not from that time (guess I didn't learn my lesson the first time). I wish I still had the pictures of when I went to the hospital as my face was so swollen on one side that I couldn't open my one eye! My neck was twice the size and I honestly looked like I had been beaten up. You wouldn't be able to tell the difference. They gave me pills and potions to try and calm the pain but it was brutal. Laying my head down on a pillow was the most excruciating pain...

This was me in 2012 before the event. I had bleached my hair to get a lighter look and once I got sick of it, I was slightly desperate and wanted to get it dark again.. But I knew that last time I had dyed my hair, I had ended up in the hospital and there was no way I was gonna do that again.. That said, I thought I was smart coming up with the idea to only dye the tips of my hair - the light part. That way it would never touch my skin and I would be safe, right? But NO NO NO..

I didn't take into account that it MIGHT touch my skin at some point and that when I would sweat, the residue would get in contact with my skin. So the results were BAD! I thought I had found a solution, I mean I just wanted it dark again?! So desperate as I was, I dyed it, hoping I'd be safe.. But I wasn't. Having my hair down and sweating just a little bit was enough to cause this.. I broke out on my face, neck and arms and the pain was horrible.

The dye never touched my skin in the process and this is how bad it was.. Imagine what covering my head for 20-30 min at the salon did to me the first time. Like I said, I looked like I had been beaten up BIG TIME..

Hair dye is some of the most dangerous stuff out there.. Some bodies have become almost immune to many of the chemicals on the market but that doesn't mean it's healthy. And like I mentioned, I had dyed my hair many times until that one day where it just ended up really badly. Hair dye contains so many chemicals and junk that even the FDA warns about being cancer causing and dangerous. And we all know  that the FDA isn't necessarily always on our side so when THEY say it's bad.. IT'S BAD!!

Bad enough to have you end up in the hospital looking like you've been beaten up..!

And I realize that many of you are used to dying your hair and never experience any side effects but I want to warn you! Even if you've been ok for the past 10 times.. It's NOT healthy and you NEVER know when it could change. Just because you don't experience a side effect right away doesn't mean it's healthy.. Be careful what you're willing to put your body through in the name of 'beauty'. It might end up costing your health. 

With love,