When You Look In The Mirror

diwd mirror

Do you love yourself like you try to love others? How do you see yourself when you look in the mirror? I bet the first thing you think about is something you don't like. Something you wanna change or get rid of. Then you probably find the second thing you hate or dislike and then you find 10 more. When's the last time you looked at yourself and thought, DANG..I'm perfect and awesome just like THIS. I’m sometimes hard on myself too but not as much as I have been in the past.. It’s mind blowing to me how we somehow, somewhere in our upbringing learned that it was ok to look and think of ourselves the way many of us do today which unfortunately is not exactly positive. For women especially. Wether your’e a mother, a girlfriend, a sister, a friend, who said you’re not more that OK the way you are and just the way you look. 

You work HARD, you try your best, you DO your best, you put in all the effort, all the love and attention that one could wish for and that IS more than enough <3 It breaks my heart to think of all the women, young as old, who are beating themselves up over standards that are not real.. Not even the girl in the magazine looks like the girl in the magazine, so why should you try? Be that unique soul that you are. LOVE yourself till you can barely take it. Are you scared you’re gonna smother your boyfriend in all the love and attention you’re giving him? How about giving that love to yourself? Why? Because you are worth it just as much as anyone else. And you better start believing that. You deserve to be smothered in love from the deep core of your being from YOU to YOU.

You hear it everywhere these days.. Love yourself this and that, love your body, love love love.. But what could be more important than to just all the sudden ‘love’ yourself? Ask yourself, why don’t I? Why the freak don't I love myself that way? Do I think i’m not good enough? Why do I think that? Who told me that whatever I’m doing is not perfect? Who said I had to look like the girl in the magazine to be good enough? How the freak did I start believing that I'm not freakin awesome the way I am?

Why tend to put this pressure on ourself because we think that we’ll be more accepted if we work harder and look ‘better’. I should go to the gym because, I guess it’s healthy and I’ll look better. But that’s often not the real thought though, that’s just a rationalization.. You go bc you think you’ll be more worthy..

Why do you do ANY of the things you do if you don’t really want to? 
How did you learn to should so much on yourself? 

Once you start thinking about these questions it might become easier to ACTUALLY love yourself.. We’re humans.. Things tend to be a little easier for us to adapt to once we understand the real problem..we like to ‘understand’ and ‘know’ things.. So dig deep.. and I mean DEEP.. You might find some good stuff in that mind of yours that can be life changing :)

Much Love