Up Cycle Your Bottles

UPCYCLEd kombucha bottle

Drink a lot of kombucha? or anything else in a bottle? If you're anything like me and enjoy (not only kombucha) but finding creative things to do with your old bottles/containers or basically anything possible, then you might really enjoy this simple DIY project..

It took me about 2 bottles and a few hours on a Thursday nigh to get it perfect. but then again, I ended up making 1 beer bottle and 3 3/4 kombucha bottles (I ran out of twine unfortunately)

I'll go ahead and share my best tip to make this perfect..
All you'll need it some twine in the size you want and a hot glue gun and you're good to go!

Start by adding a little glue to the top and adding the twine!
Then go ahead and just wrap the twine all the way around the bottle till you're done, adding a little hot glue along the way where you think it needs it.. Be careful not to add too much as you don't want it coming out between the twine! There's really no reason to add glue on the straight part of the bottle, just wrap and wrap and wrap :D

If you have kids, this is a super simple project they can be creative with, just be careful with the glue gun. You can settle for one of the smaller glue guns that don't get as hot as this is a smaller project. To finish off you can even paint them if you'd like.. And go grab some flowers on your daily walk/run :)

Have fun.. :)

With Love โค , Diana