And greatest face mask of all times!!

Why would you put something on your skin that you can't eat? Most of what you put on your skin gets absorbed directly into your bloodstream so you better make it good! Those nasty chemicals and toxic products might fix something on the outside for a while but the damage they can do internally are not worth it. This goes for lotions, hair products and anything you would soak in! Make sure it's all from the purest and cleanest source possible. That's why.. I introduce to you.. Another 3 ingredient recipe but this time for your beautiful face :)

Fresh turmeric (juice), cold pressed olive oil and raw unheated/unfiltered honey!
3 POWERFUL ingredients, internally and externally. 


Did you know that 'raw honey' doesn't necessarily mean raw? It usually has to say 'unheated' as well ๐Ÿ otherwise it has still been heated to a certain point in order to make the bottling process easier. If you can get it unfiltered it's even better and get it from a source you trust. Get familiar with textures, flavors, colors etc, that way it's easy to tell what is REALLY raw and you'll soon find your favorite.. I'm a total honey enthusiast and always have to buy every kind of raw honey I come across. Nothing quite compares to the excitement of trying a new honey that was made by these amazing creatures that we don't quite understand yet know are crucial for our existence. Raw honey is a great antibiotic and I believe it might be the only food on earth that doesn't rotten or ever go bad. That gives it some credit when it comes to being a SUPER food!


Turmeric is the best when it comes to fighting inflammation and acne as it's super anti bacterial. As a bonus it helps reduce oil secretion if you (like I) have very oily skin and it leaves you with a nice glow.

Olive oil

Olive oil really adds to the softness and hydration of your skin WITHOUT making it more oily! It's PACKED with antioxidants and RICH in Vitamin E which is essential if you're trying to combat acne scarring. I personally have really oily skin so don't worry about grease, olive oil actually makes it a lot better but it's important to note that NOT all olive oil is created equally! Most olive oils are actually diluted with cheaper kinds of oils to make it cheaper. I recently learned that real olive oil tends to have a really strong peppery flavor. You would think it had been spiced with cayenne pepper.. So keep in mind that this is typically NOT an item you want to buy cheap.. It tends to reflect the quality.. If you live somewhere where you have a local olive oil guy at your farmers market or nearby store and money is tight, I would recommend getting a bottle that you save for facials and use coconut oil and ghee for cooking. Olive oil can't handle as high heat as most other oils which is why I switched to coconut and ghee for cooking. Make sure you get that Vitamin E boost for your skin so spend a little extra on some good quality and it will last you forever. You won't regret it.



Combine 1tsp raw honey, 1/2 tsp olive oil and the juice from a small piece of turmeric! Making a small batch of turmeric juice is not the easiest so try squeezing it through a garlic press or use 1/2 tsp powder if you have it.. I usually just mix the turmeric juice and honey and massage it onto my skin and then follow with a few drops of olive oil that then acts as a seal for all the ingredients.

Massage onto your skin for 5 min or as long as you have the patience for and let sit for as long as you want and then rinse off!!  And be careful! It stains like craaaazy!! 



When you're done, cut a slice of fresh aloe and rub some on you skin and let sit for min 10-15 min or as long as you want and then rinse off. This stuff is AMAZING for healing scars and evening out skin tone and in general a MUST have when it comes to healing skin and especially sun burns. This plant should have a permanent place in your house! Just sayin'. 

Have Fun.

With Love โค , Diana