Homemade Trail Mix


Making a homemade trail mix is soooo simple and such a good idea because most of the ones you can find in the store contain peanuts and are salted and roasted and usually full of half the things you don't want. Though I love peanuts I rarely ever eat them. I've said this before and I'll say it again: peanuts are NOT human food. So what better idea than to make it yourself and add ONLY the things you absolutely love. So many times I've left half a bag of the things I don't  like, but now, - NO MORE!

My Choice Of Ingredients:

Raw pecans
Raw walnuts
Raw almonds
Raw pumpkin seeds
Raw sunflower seeds
Sun dried raisins
Sun dried Apricots (the brown ones)
Dried banana chips
Dark chocolate chip - (organic, no soy)

trail mix diwd

This I had for my breakfast this morning, a little handful of trail mix with a banana and a cup of tea! SO GOOD! This is such a good snack to bring when traveling and on the road but also dangerous - it's hard to stop once you get started! lol.. 

doitwithdiana trail mix 1

Hope you have fun creating your own trail mix.
With Love ❤ , Diana