Refreshing Summer Drink - The Ultimate Non-alcoholic Cocktail

YAAAAAHHHH.. PREPARE YOURSELF.... hmm am I really gonna start every recipe blog like this? lol, I can't help it. I'm a food enthusiast and everything I choose to share here on this blog requires a 'PREPARE YOUSELF' haha!!! just sayin.. SO PREAPERE YOURSELF.. haha.... This is the most epic drink that I 'accidently' made and you're gonna love it.

This recipe can be made without any type of berries and be JUST AS GOOD (which is actually my original recipe - honey, lime & sparkling water)!
Until I came to Idaho I had never even heard of huckleberries, so no worries... 
The reason why I came across this recipe was because my honey guy at the farmers market had run out of his pure raw honey.. What he had left was his mixture 'huck in honey' as he calls it, which was raw honey mixed with huckleberries.. Disappointed as I was, I wanted honey so I got it, thinking 'this is just not the same'. But I wen't home and tried this 'huck in honey' with a sour face! AND THEN.. Just imagine the excitement when I tasted it.. My jaw almost dropped and I yelled at Dan to come try it.. Now he'll get mad if I make myself a drink and not him, haha :D And as I'm writing this and drinking it, he's asking for one.

I DO NOT drink any canned sodas or drinks of any kind. I simply just don't like it. I used to, but I think my taste buds have changed. I pretty much only drink water (preferably spring water straight from the source) and I honestly can't stand the taste/feeling of sparkling water by itself. I'm not counting my green/fruit juices here.. those are in a  different category :D
So stay away from those canned monsters and make your own. Even if it says 'natural flavors' cuz it AIN'T NATURAL!!! So here's and cheers to making it yourself... 


Squeeze the juice of 1 lime into your glass and add 2tsp of raw honey and mix it well. It needs to be totally combined or else you'll end up with honey that doesn't dissolve in your drink.. 

Add 2 tsp of huckleberries or any other type. Try raspberries or blackberries...


Add sparkling water and make sure it's chilled.. If not, add some ice and serve. :D 
If you didn't mix your honey completely as mentioned above, you'll end up with cold hard honey at the bottom of the glass that's almost impossible to mix..

*I've made this recipe adding mint as well which tasted AMAZING.. You can play around with it as you please but this is as simple as it can get.



For those of you who find it too time consuming, and I recognize that there are a few busy moms and what not that don't have the time to do this every time you want a glass.. I'd suggest that you make the mixture of honey, lime & berries and keep it in a container in the fridge. This way you only have to add sparkling water whenever you want a refreshing glass of divine home made soda/cocktail :)

With love & sparkles,