Overcoming Eating Disorders

Eating disorders! A topic that I haven't addressed much here on my blog but that definitely deserve a place as it plays a big role in my past history!

It's an important topic that many struggle with in one fashion or another. Wether it be not eating, over eating, purging, skipping meals, you name it.. How could you not when people are promoting bikini bodies all over the media or 'drop 20 pounds' by summer when you might not even have to drop more than 4 to feel as good as you desire. So when my good friend Jp Sears asked if I wanted to be a part of his video to spread the message, it didn't take me long to say yes. 

Because he wanted to address this topic but wasn't able to talk about it from a standpoint of having experienced it himself, I seemed to be a perfect candidate. I love authenticity and women loving who they are. Women overcoming their struggles by realizing every beautiful part of themselves is what lights me up. The shadow side of that being, loving your curves, yes, great, awesome, but let's be honest, no need to promote obesity or over eating which I tend to see a lot in the media when +sizes are being promoted.

Overcoming eating disorders or any other obstacle in your life, doesn't have to be this big dark cloud of depression or dark stories that follow. Unless of course you want it to be. Any obstacle you see on your path is all about perception and taking ownership of what you're experiencing as well as understanding why certain things might be showing up in your reality. This can be hard to see if you're in the midst of it, trust me I know, (read my story about depression) but you never know if this 'challenge' could be your 'shamanic sickness'. A term for a challenge that could turn into your greatest gift. For example a young girl being cyber bullied to the point of wanting to take her own life, is now a spokes person for cyber bullying helping other 'victims' and families. Theres ALWAYS a gift in any struggle if you look close enough and I pray that you find it and turn it into a blessing on your journey.

I desire to bring light to these perceived 'dark stories' of our past because darkness is nothing but a lack of light. With this blog I desire to spread a message of women loving themselves in the process of getting healthier with more movement, healthy foods and healthy relationships and connection to source. 



What lead ME down a path of eating disorders and yo-yo diets was a combination of many things but one being that my dad left when I was young which quickly led me to seeking attention from other male figures! Not exactly the healthy way but this, including many other events lead me down a path of wanting to fit the mold of 'beauty' even though most people would consider me already fitting in that box. I wanted to be 'perfect' so that someone would like me - because my dad didn't. Yet I felt objectified and sad that my outer beauty was what attracted them and no one ever saw me for who I was on the inside, or maybe they just didn't care (aka the hamster wheel of hell). I dated guys that were no good for me other than the lessons I learned. But as one of my best friends said this weekend, 

"I'd rather breathe oxygen with my grandpa than date a guy that doesn't see the queen that I am"

Basically, I have the coolest friends ever. And this is the rule you should live by! End of story.

One of my biggest struggles growing up was other girls not wanting to be around me because "I took the attention' and this left me more alone than I already felt. That's why I love women being able to support each other without making it a competition and those are the beautiful friends that I have today. There's space and love enough for all of us.. Don't think you have to drop 20-30lbs whatever to feel beautiful or believe the marketing tricks that want you to think so. Being over wight is not a bad thing per se, but hey, let's not stay the same. Lets love ourselves in the process of getting healthy.. If our body and mind are both healthy and aligned it won't be holding on to or gaining excess weight... I love how the pounds can just melt off without you even noticing when you're in a space of paying attention to other things and making life as good as possible. 

I didn't necessarily want to make this blog about weight because to be honest, I don't even ever weigh myself. I don't look at a scale unless I have to. And having a fit husband makes me keep up with myself :P haha.. Though I know that a lot of people tend to gain weight when they get in a relationship wether it be because they get lazy or deal with a lot of reflections that relationships tend to bring up. Whatever the reason may be, I like to ask myself and others to think about their future daughter, how would you talk to her or treat her? How would you like her to treat her partner/husband? How about your son? How would you like him to treat his future wife/parter? That's how you should treat each other within a relationship. Often making yourself your own parent is the way to go and will answer many questions within your relationships, even with yourself. Go be active together. Explore the area you live, take walks, go on hikes, do fun activities together. Do what lights you up and do a lot of it.

Anywho, what I desire for you to take away from this blog is to STAND UP FOR YOURSELF before something bad happens to you.. Before you use food as comfort. Before you let someone else's opinion about you hurt you so much that you take it out on others.. Stand up for yourself because no one is gonna do it for you. 


I hope you enjoy this video and find it helpful in one way or another, to start your journey of healthy eating habits as well as seeing yourself as beautiful no matter where in this journey you are.