Newborn Essentials 0-3 MTH | + What I REGRET BUYING

Heeeey my beautiful virtual friends :). Today I'm excited to share my top newborn essentials. Despite thinking 'my baby would/will only need boobs and diapers', I somehow ended up with a LOT of products. Some I was told were MUST HAVES but never used, others were priceless. So therefore I'm also going to share my perspective on the product I didn't like and then you can ofc decide for yourself what you think is best for you and your bubble of joy. I know every baby is different so what works for me may not work for you but these I will almost guarantee will work for all babies.



 Solly Baby Wrap in Color 'CAMEL'

Solly Baby Wrap in Color 'CAMEL'


This thing has been an absolute life saver for me. I love carrying my baby and having her close to me at all times while she's so tiny. As my midwife said one day, there's absolutely no reason why she should be laying her by herself away from you, and I agree. At this stage, also known as the 4th trimester, it is important to have as much physical contact with your baby as possible. If you can create a stronger bond and connection and make your baby feel more safe and secure by carrying her, then why not? I think it's a thing of the busy western lifestyle - 'get things done, be proactive, do this, go to the gym, work hard' and the babies are left to nannies and babysitters and grandparents and whomever else they can hand them over to just to create more 'free time'. Granted I know it's just not ideal for a lot of parents or single moms but if you can do it, DO IT. Anyways, needles to say, I love this thing and though there are many versions on the market, I love how lightweight this specific product is. She (or I) doesn't get too hot in this and it's comfortable to wear.


This is her 2nd happy place - other than the wrap. From she was born, she loved this thing. I didn't carry her in the wrap when she was fresh outa momma as I couldn't even walk the first week or two. ( a big tear and a hip out of place - it was a heroes journey for sure) and during this time, this thing was worth gold.

I always have the lounger covered with a swaddle blanket to protect the surface in case she should burp up anything. That way I don't have to wash it. It's easier to wash if you have a front facing washer (which I honestly don't understand why that's not a standard thing in the US yet but regardless, it's washable. I seriously hate these american washers - I mean, c'mon - you have to bend over and stick your entire body in there to get the last socks out. That is if you're a short person like me, lol.. geeez. )
Anywho,I love this thing and so does Divina. She even loved to sleep in this and It was actually the only other place she WOULD sleep other than on me. She didn't like to be on her back so she slept on her stomach pretty much from the beginning and YES, I do know there are different opinions on that out there as with anything but you gotta do what you gotta and this is what she wanted.


These diapers are seriously THE BEST. I used to recommend gDiapers which I actually used when she was brand new but I can no longer recommend those.

They were amazing in the beginning but for a lot of reasons I switched;  one of them being that they don't hold that well over night. Those little gell balls (the stuff that soaks up the liquid in the diapers) would come out after 4-5 hrs which is NOT ideal.

So I SWITCHED TO BAMBO NATURE and never looked back. 

It's a Danish brand (gotta love those danes) - we know how to produce some good stuff ;P. They're considered to be one of the very best disposable diapers in the world ( but I think a lot of brands say that). They are free of harmful chemicals and perfumes to minimize the risk of allergies and diaper rash. Their diapers are certified free of all known allergens or substances classified as locally irritating, sensitizing, carcinogenic, or mutagenic. I absolutely love these diapers as they're super thin and soft and hold everything in.. EVERYTHING.. They're incredibly absorbent. I usually don't change her over night unless she poops and these diapers will easily hold all the liquids over night without the gell balls coming out. and they hold A LOT...

I cannot recommend these diapers enough.



 Bouncer Balance in Plum Red (Limited Edition Color)

Bouncer Balance in Plum Red (Limited Edition Color)

#4 Baby Bjorn Baby Bouncer

I love this bouncer and so does Divina. Of all the items I've gotten and bought, this is our absolute favorite. She didn't use it for long but when she did, oh boy was it worth it.. I love the color and I love that it has multiple adjustments from laying down to sitting up. There's not much to say about this things other than I LOVE IT and I lOVE the color. It bounces, she's happy, that's good enough for me :)






#5 Stoller & Car Seat

Gracious are there just about a million different strollers on the market! Trying to choose a good one when I had no recommendations or mom friends to turn to.. geeezzz... Pinterest it was. I ended up getting the Nuna Mixx Stroller which comes with a seat that she can use when she gets older but I love how I can detach that part and snap the car seat right to the base. You don't need extra adapters or anything, it just clicks right in.

The Nuna Pipa Car Seat is stupid simple to install in the car and I love how the seat has a built in dream drape which you may have seen in my videos or on IG. There's no need to have an extra swaddle blanket hanging over the top that constantly falls down and what not but a con would be that as she got older she would constantly grab the sides and chew on the fabric as it's simple little magnets holding it in place. If I could change one thing it would be that.

This is a sturdy stroller good for all terrain if you're an adventures person. My other option I had in mind was the Baby Zen yoyo stroller. I was considering it because it's super light weight and only model that is approved and fits as a carryon on planes and as you know, we travel quite a bit. For city life this may be a good option as well. It was actually my first choice for these reasons but as I put it on my registry, a friend of ours saw it and recommended a stroller with bigger wheels and that was a bit more sturdy for what we may encounter on our travels. - He was wrong - but I still love it :) 


#6 DockATot

This one is actually in the 'maybe' category, only because Divina doesn't seem to like it though I have a feeling she might in the future. Delusionally optimistic I was.. haha. (* edit/ she didn't like it at all and has now grown out of it). She HATED sleeping on her back and she wanted skin contact. But if you have a more 'typical' baby that loves being on their back and you want to co-sleep, I would say this might be the best option (that I've found), especially if your baby doesn't mind sleeping on the back. Your baby is safe and secure in this thing and it would take some talent to roll over him/her in this thing. The first 10 weeks we would CO CO sleep, like IN MY ARM and I wouldn't move in fear of squishing her. I tried this thing multiple times but she wasn't happy. Sleeping in my arms was the only way I could get her to sleep at night. At almost 11 weeks I just started putting the baby lounger in between Dan & I which only barely works because we have a king size bed. It's not recommended for sleeping but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. Sleeping FLAT on her stomach (or back) doesn't seem to be her favorite just yet. So once again the baby lounger comes through for me! For my little princess, the lounger has been a MUST! 




I'm not gonna go down the whole list of all the things not to get but I will go over one thing though - the pacifier. I got this one from NaturSutten, another Danish brand that's free of toxins and chemicals. Thinking I 'should' get one bc that's what everyone else does but I decided not to use it after all. Turns out, later on when I tried giving it to her, she didn't even want it. I also firmly believe that an important step is to try and understand your baby in a language beyond words. I see so many moms grabbing the pacifier at the first sign of noise coming from their babies mouth and I'm personally not a fan of this. 


Everyone told me I would need this and that it would be a must but to be honest I haven't used it once. Perhaps because I have so many pillows in my house but to be honest I didn't even use those. I'm also a short person so that could've played a role as well. I know they're good for tummy time as well  but to be honest, I also didn't use it for that as she just loved being on her stomach from the very beginning and didn't like this thing.  

Wishing you all the best for your new journey and little divine miracle.


I also had things such as the rock and play which she also didn't like to be in - awake or sleeping it was not her thing but I hear from many that it helped their babies sleep. Anywho, I'll leave it at that. I hope you found some of these tips helpful. Have fun with your new little miracle.

XO, Diana ❤