A Different Life As Diana

My life used to be VERY different.. As in EXTREMELY different.. Which might still be the understatement of infinity.. I was like any other 'normal' teenager.. Drank too much, partied every weekend and didn't care about what I ate (remember that it's legal to drink when you're 18 in Denmark, which means we all start at 15). A 'healthy' lifestyle was really the last thing on my mind. The parties was what I looked forward to every Monday. The drinking started Thursday and lasted till Saturday and every Sunday was spent with pizza, junk and a good hangover! Sadly enough, It was the highlight of my existence  ..


But all this was only temporary though it seemed as forever.. I used to fall asleep listening to techno, it was the only way for me to fall asleep without having nightmares. It would numb out any emotion and feeling I might have had that I wasn't ready to look at.. I 'woke up' around 22ish.. I just couldn't keep up the facade. Drinking just wasn't fun anymore but all my friends were still hard core party conesuers so I was left confused... How could I escape this mind numbing behavior but not loose all my 'friends'. I knew at that point that what I was doing had to stop.. Being an intuitive empath it took a LOT of techno and alcohol to keep emotions out! Which essentially lead to a depression which you can read more about HERE

Anywho.. The second edition to this lifestyle was working promo gigs! Looking through my old photos I couldn't help but shake my head and feel slightly embarrassed.. Actually, A LOT!! So I picked a few that were less embarrassing, lol.. But I have to say I had a lot of fun as long as it lasted...


Or should we say lack of... I didn't know anything about organic foods or the benefits of a clean lifestyle.. I ate anything without thinking twice.. I mean.. they sell it at the store so it should be safe to eat, right? NOOOO!! unfortunately that's not how the world functions.. What's being sold is definitely not in your best interest and you're told that fat will make you fat and the key to a healthy life is low fat, low sugar, pre packaged 'safe' things! (now I know better).

And blissfully ignorant as I was, when someone made a bet on wether I could eat 6 crispy creme donuts within an hr, why not do it! (I failed) lol.. 

And pringles.. I mean they tasted good!! But sure didn't make me look good!
(wait WHAT?.. Is this seriously ME??) I was chubby, inflamed, full of toxins and well.. I'll let the picture speak for itself :S

Other than that I've been yoyo dieting pretty much my whole life and been through eating disorders such as bulimia and ana was a good friend as well.. Never satisfied, always trying to reach the 'perfect' look. 


I started learning more and more about what to eat and what NOT to eat and it's been one long journey that I'm sure will never really end! I've learned so much and I'm grateful for the experience that came with learning about whole foods and a natural chemical free lifestyle. It's really not as hard as it sounds but yes, it's a lifestyle.. And here on this blog I'm taking you with me on this never ending journey. <3

**I decided to share this as I find that many of you think my life is 'perfect' and that I was born 'perfect' - the 'pretty girl' who never had any issues, that everything has always been butterflies and unicorns but I'm telling you.. that's FAR from the truth. I can relate to most of the crap that you've been through, not all, but a lot..  Sexual abuse, BAD relationships, a dad that left when I was young and still wants nothing to do with me, eating disorders, having no friends while breaking out of my old habits, low self-esteem, well.. the list is long but I trust that you get the point by now... Just remember that even the ones you judge to be 'perfect' have their own challenges.. I sure as hell haven't always felt or looked this way and wherever you are on your journey, it's never too late to change the things you're unhappy about <3

With Infinite love, Diana