Heey precious souls... Get comfortable cuz this is a long one :) I'm FIIIINALLY ' HALLELUJAH' getting back to making videos. I never got around to making one while pregnant but here's the story from conception to birth of our baby girl Divina. Not to mention our pitbull Oriah who plays a big role in this story as well. I hope you enjoy this video and make sure to leave any comments and questions you may have as I'll be making a video about my experience and suggestions for each trimester. I know this is a long one but I've also been gone for little over 10 months :D

I'm not going to write too much about this as the video pretty much covers it all.. :)

Also, make sure to watch the viral video of how Daniel stops Divina from crying by oming... Ahh, I love this one..

Xo, D