DIY Facial Toner Wipes

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Heeeey yoooooo love bugs... 

Today I'm gonna share one of my fav skin solutions that you can do yourself. Gotta love those DIY's huh... It's simple, it's cheap and it will last you forever.

You'll need some witch hazel, I usually go for the alcohol free one. An empty jar, some cotton rounds and some essential oils. Depending on what your skin situation is, you'll need some that match that.

I've provided a list of some essential oils that will work for your specific condition. I personally have oily skin and use Geranium, Lemon and Helicrysum and sometimes tea tree but I can't seem to find the one I had so I wen't without today. These work really well for balancing the oil production in your skin as well as minimizing scars.


OILY: Cedarwood, Clary sage, Clove, Cypress, Geranium, Juniper Berry, Grapefruit, Melaleuca, Patchouli, Coriander, Ylang Ylang, Neroli, Lemon, Carot seed, Frankincense, Lemongrass, Roman Chamomile

DRY: Clary sage, Helicrysum, Jasmine, Geranium, Lavender, Lemon, Myrrh, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Roman chamomile, Rose, Sandalwood

MATURE: Ylang ylang, Neroli, Lavender, Cassia, Carrot Seed, Fennel, Patchouli, Myrrh, Geranium, Cypress, Coriander, Frankincense.

SCARS: Geranium, Frankincense, Helichrysum, Tea Tree.

Now, you mix the essential oils with your witch hazel and let that be it and use it morning and evening, but because I travel a lot and can't always carry a lot of liquid with me, at least not in my caryon, I find it a lot easier and more convenient to make these wipes :) Less containers and liquids to worry about. 

Add a few cotton rounds in your jar. Mix 10 drops of each essential oil in your witch hazel bottle and shake it well. Then add some of the liquid on the rounds till they  are soaked, then add some more rounds in and add some more liquid in and do this till you can't fit anymore cotton rounds in your jar. I find it easier to do a few at a time to make sure they're all soaking in the liquid without actually 'drowning' in it. Makes sense? You'll get the hang of it.

 Soaked cotton rounds

Soaked cotton rounds

Screw the lid on the jar and use after you've rinsed your face morning and evening. Days when I don't wear makeup I like to use these a couple of times a day and especially after a workout if I can't shower right away. It's perfect.

And as I said, you could of course just make the mixture and apply to the cotton rounds as you want to use them. You'll probably use a lot less if you do it this way, but hey, anything to make traveling easier :) Lemme know how it works for you!

With Love ❤ , Diana