Baby Products I Use // What's In My Diaper Bag

Can we just start with this bag!!!!!.... My 'diaper bag' which is only a 'diaper bag' because I put diapers in it.. I'm OBSESSED with this one, which I got off amazon and which by the way also comes in multiple colors.. Just sayin.. Before I had my little angel... ( I'm itching to insert 10 pictures of her here... ok, I'll do it, I'll keep it to 4 though)

I mean... HOW SWEEEEEET IS SHE.... Ok.. ok... baby products.. the bag... It's got so much space, space enough for my baby products AND electronics; mac book, camera etc.. Which either says something about the bag or how much of a minimalist I am when it comes to baby stuff... Anywho... Don't think twice.. Get this bag.. Like yesterday...  (Color: Black, $29.96 GET IT HERE)

Then we got a few other things like,


Coconut oil & avocado oil, boom, end of chapter... Other options could be hemp oil, olive oil, grape seed oil.. Just none of those hyper processed vegetable oils ok.. Good :)

This is all I use for myself and there's no need to get anything different for your baby.. This is the most clean and non toxic products you can find. I actually don't use much, for myself or her, but when I do, this is my go-to. I've probably only rubbed oils on her a handful of times during the so far 4 months out of the womb. We seem to be a well hydrated duo with moist skin so I tend to not even think about it.


I've been using The Golden Trio... 1 drop clove essential oil mixed with 1 tsp coconut or avocado oil (dip your finger in the mixture and gently rub on her gums), then followed by 1 of those Camilia Teething Relief droppers, and then followed by THE BOOB.... This works wonders EVERY time.. Especially before bedtime, makes her sleep a baby... and if the little peanut should wake up again in the middle of the night - REPEAT-


In my Newborn Essentials, I was talking about gDiapers which I no longer recommend. They're super cute but for my personal lifestyle, it's simply just too much work and they also don't hold as well. I've noticed the little gel balls come out fairly often. Same reason I don't go for cloth diapers - too much work (for me). The absolute best solution I've found is a Danish brand called Bambo Nature and they're INCREDIBLE.  They hold over night like it's they're job.. which, it is... and I'm happy about that. Their wipes are also incredible. They're soft, smooth and gentle. I actually find them to be a lot softer and nicer than 7th Generation.

I realize that these diapers are a little more $$ that your average diaper but thats also because THIS AIN'T YOUR AVERAGE DIAPER!!! These are all free of chemicals and nasties that you don't want anywhere near your precious baby bum. This is a place where I'd recommend NOT compromising for the sake of saving money.. You won't be dealing with diaper rash which means - you'll save your money by not having to by whatever remedy to get rid of the diaper rash AND your baby will be less irritated and fussy.. so.. If that didn't convince you, I don't know what will.. 

  • SOAP

Well... I don't bathe her much as she's not yet at the stage where she's getting dirty. She's exclusively breast fed so theres no messy food parties going on and she also doesn't spit up often.. Nothing a baby wipe can't handle... But once again, when I DO bathe her, I use Dr. Bronners unscented soap and I DO NOT wash her hair with it. I also do not use shampoo for her because I - do - not - wash - her - hair.. I mean when you think about it for a sec... You probably only wash your own hair because it get's greasy if you don't.. Does your babies hair seem greasy? I highly doubt it.. So why get baby shampoo? Why are you washing her hair?? I haven't washed Divina's hair at all since being born.. No soap has touched her scalp and she has the most soft and shiny 'hair'. I say 'hair' because there isn't really that much hair yet, lol. That's another reason not to wash it.. I believe parents do it more as a 'auto pilot thing' because that's what we do.. we wash our hair.. It needs to be washed right? well actually no.. It doesn't... The reason why your own hair gets so greasy as often as it does is very likely because you've been washing it with some questionable cheep soap full of sulfates and chemicals ( I'm not judging here - I used to be a big fan of phantene myself) but these questionable products changes the natural PH of your hair and an unbalanced PH means greasy or dry hair.. Anywho.. I'll be talking about adult hair in a different video so we'll leave it here for now. You may have one of those babies that just came out with a full lions mane but I still doubt it's getting greasy... So think about it :)



So what do I actually bring with me in this bag when I'm out and about?

  • my Solly Baby Wrap
  • a swaddle blanket in case she spits up
  • xx extra diapers depending on how long I plan on being gone
  • baby wipes ( I have a small package for on the go)
  • Camilia teething relief 
  • an extra onesie 
  • hand sanitizer ( I forgot to mention that in the video)

So that's my list of esstials that I bring with me and I really find that it's all I need so far.. sometimes I wonder what in the world other moms have in their bags or strollers cuz it seems like a whole lot more that I can even think of.

Leave a comment and let me know if you've got anything on your 'essential list' that you think I should know about

xo, D ❤