3 Ingredient Omelette

Some days.. When you're really really hungry... and the store is closed and you open the fridge... and all you have is this.. !!   = Time to get creative..

I remember going to school when i was a kid, and one of our classes was cooking..not sure if you have that type of classes in America but in Denmark we do/did, and I loved it. One of my favorite things was when it was 'empty the fridge day' and that's exactly what we had to do. Grab the ingredients that were left in the fridge and let our imaginations run wild.. I loved it because I could create whatever I wanted.. Usually we would have a lot more than just 3 ingredients to work with but hey.. That's the deal with 'emptying the fridge' and so I did today..

It's kinda how I feel about life..  You gotta learn how to work with what you've been givin' till you're able to add more 'ingredients', which will come when the time is right.. 'the store will open again, but for now.. empty the fridge and work with what you've got'.. 
So here's how it went..

Use whatever veggies you have and CHOP CHOP!!!

Grab a few eggs.. or 3..

Add salt and pepper and whisk up your eggs!


Sautรฉ your veggies on low heat. - Start with your garlic on LOW heat. If your pan is too hot you'll end up slightly burning your garlic (which is when it turns brown) and it'll have a bitter taste that can ruin any dish! Cook until they're slightly soft and cooked and remove from stove into to a separate bowl!

Poor in your eggs and let it cook on low heat..

Once it's almost cooked but not completely.. Add your veggies back on one side of the omelet and wait a few more minutes depending on how cooked you wan't your eggs. Cooking it too long can make it too stiff and dry which I'm not a fan of.

Then flip this baby over...

A 3 ingredient omelette... Simple.. 
Sometime you just have to get creative when the store is closed and you got close to nothing left in the fridge... :)

Hope you enjoy
With Love โค , Diana