Welcome to my LifeAsDiana.. 
I'm not gonna pretend that you'll fully know me by reading a few lines as there's about 1000 different sides to me, but I'll do my best to give you an idea of my versatile being and what I'm about. The word that describes me best is probably - Otherworldly!

Ever heard the quote "quit your job, buy a ticket, fall in love, never return"? Well... That's basically the story of my life. The most recent story anyway.. I spent 24 years 'growing up' (are we ever really done growing up?) in Denmark but you'll rarely see me there. After quitting my job and embarking on a 'little' (what was meant to be 3 weeks) vacation to the US back in 2012, ended up meeting the guy who would both drive me absolutely crazy and keep me sane at the same time.

Chemistry at first sight, a 5 week long date in Peru and 5 months later we were married. Fast forward 40+ states, 9 countries and 4 years later (as of 2016), we got pregnant..aaaand, in order to have a home birth which I wanted, we needed a home... so we got one... and then there was the arrival of our beautiful little baby girl Divina. 2 weeks after she was born, she was well known world wide. You may have seen her and her daddy from the viral video ⇢. 

Needles to say, since we met we've been full time modern day nomads traveling the world and living on the road. This site along with my youtube started as a way of documenting this journey and absolutely crazy life which doesn't seem to be slowing down. It was an online diary for myself and family but became a way of sharing my experiences and knowledge and crazy movie like stories while
aiming to inspire and uplift others to live the best life possible. ❤

 Me, Daniel, divina and our pitbull oriah

Me, Daniel, divina and our pitbull oriah


What else... I love food. Like... a lot lot.. and I love creating healthy versions of everything I can think of. If you've been a follower for a while, you know I ain't about those chemicals, pesticides or GMOs so that's why I share my green, organic and non toxic ways of living. I also don't subscribe to any diet dogma. I love plant based food but I also allow myself to eat meat if I crave it. I love you no matter what you choose to eat. (watch this video if you're still curious about my diet). My philosophy is to eat whole foods and use some good old intuition. That goes for anything.

INTUITION is what will guide you in the right direction and most of the time, if it makes sense to your left brain, it's probably not the best idea. Just sayin.... It's how I've come to live the life I do. Listening to my intuition and not the rational voice in my head. As en empath and intuitive it get's pretty hard to ignore, even if you try... but by doing things that don't make sense. By not following the norm or doing what other people wanted me to do, wether it be friends or family. It lead me to the most magical fairy tale life I could ever (actually I couldn't even imagine this). Let me just add that I come from a fairly - what some would call 'dark and depressing' background. My dad left when I was young, sexual abuse, eating disorders, small town drama, depression (a few times), suffering from Hyperhidrosis (it's a weird things that makes me sweat a lot), etc etc.. But I don't let that stop me and neither should you. Live out of your imagination, not your history, as I like to say. 

Aaaaaanywho.. I'll let that be it for now and you can always browse around my many videos and vlogs and get to know me a little better. But if there's one message I can leave you with today, it's this....

"You cannot attract things that are not aligned with your beliefs" 

So ask yourself...what do you believe in? 
Magic is real when you choose to believe in it. ❤

XO, from my family to yours