Heeey Lovelies..
When I started putting this blog together we had stayed in Maui for 5 weeks. We had started our trip by hosting a 5 day retreat and then decided to stay for another 4 weeks.. This paradise wasn't easy to leave. We ended up going to Kauai for a month and then came back here. By now we've been here for another 5 weeks and there's a good reason why. I'd definitely say that this island is the most livable of the ones I've been to. It has everything you could ask for.

As I mentioned in the Kauai Travel Guide, each island relates to a different chakra and Maui = the sacral chakra. It's the mother island and relates to fertility, emotions & creativity. If you're into the spiritual side, stay tuned, if not, now is the time to tune out. It's said that each island has a different energy and depending on what you need to 'work through' or be aware of, well.. these islands will make sure to reveal it to you. Some have been said to have ben 'kicked off' the island. Sometimes things happen that force people to leave but this is not meant to scare anyone away :) Just be conscious and aware and treat the islands with respect. Mother maui is gentle and loving but she has a way of showing you her presence. I think I earned my spot on the island by now So let's get to all the amazingness that this island has to offer you.




Let's start with the mornings.. Our typical day started at 'Sip Me' Coffee shop in Makawao.
This place is the IDEAL place to hang out with good coffee (and they make Bulletproof - just ask for it), juices, GF pastries and good Wi-Fi along with an awesome vibe of even more awesome people. Make sure to check out this spot as it's my favorite coffee shop on this island!


I kid you not when I say this is the BEST damn cinnamon bun I've EVER had!! Amazing coffee is to be found here but there's no hang out spot and unfortunately they don't make BulletProof coffee. I made my request to add it to the menu though. I don't always consume gluten and dairy, but when I do, it's GOOD! I've been much more conscious about the pasturized dairy lately and usually only consume butter and ghee as well as raw dairy products.
Favorites: 'Ulu Cinnamon Bun


Paia Bay Coffee

I Was debating wether or not to put this place on the map. It's a great place to hang out and use fast wifi but don't recommend the food here!



Maui Kombucha

This place is amazing. Oddly enough I'm personally not a fan of their kombucha here but I do love all their food and absolutely AMAZING acai bowl that comes with a scoop of coconut cream something (not even really sure what it is but trust me, it's reaaaally GOOD). Everything here is GF and vegan with LOTS of raw options as well. Only good things to say about this place, though it's not much of a hang out spot but more of a 'grab and go' in my opinion. 
Favorites: Acai Bowl,

Mana Foods

Best grocery store in town. Forget about Whole Foods, this place is LEGIT! Amazing prepared foods section with delicious salads and lots of vegan/vegetarian options and their prices are good. They seem to be much cheaper than any other store on the island and they have pretty much everything you could be looking for.

Maka by Mana

This place is an 'offspring' of Mana. They make their food with everything from the above mentioned grocery store Mana. Everything here is GF, vegan and mostly raw & they have good wifi and the BEST vegan cheese cake I've ever had, made from a coconut kefir base. I'm not vegan but I do love me some raw delicious vegan food sometimes except from the heavy nut based desserts and that's why I LOVE their cheesecake. No heavy duty cashew base here.. Their kombucha is AMAZING and the best I've found on the island. They also have an amazing seaweed salad an an 'Open Breakfast Sandwich; which is absolutely incredible.
Favorites: White Chocolate Cherry Pie, Open Breakfast Sandwich, kombucha

The Farmacy

This place makes amazing acai bowls & smoothies! going to Maui I think I hit some sort of acai trance and ate acai bowl pretty much every day for 3 weeks :D Dan had a 'sunset pitaya' smoothie and claimed it was the best smoothie he's ever had.. And that guy has had a lot of smoothies in his life so that says a lot.. Love this little place. Grab and go - not a 'dine in' place!
Favorites: Honolua Acai Bowl


Hana Ranch Provision

Everything here is made from a local farm. Menu is super small and changes weekly/with the seasons I believe (at least some of the menu) which is usually a sign of high quality. If you ever walk into a place and see a full 3 page menu with everything you can possibly imagine, run away!! Just a tip.. This place is open for lunch as well but we never made it in that early in the day. I would highly recommend this place. Every $ spent is well worth it.

Flat Bread

Best pizza place in town.. That's it...
Favorites: Pa’ia Bay Ohana


Mama's Fish House

Fine dining!! Somewhat expensive place but the food is good.
Proper attire is required and you have to make reservations. We only wen't here once to try it out as we had heard great things about this place. You won't be missing out if you don't go here but for some reason this place is associated with a place to visit when in Maui. Maybe bc it's an old family owned restaurant or something. Who knows..

Makawao Steak House

Best steak house in town with good service and a unique feel to it if you choose to sit in the lounge area. Dan loves this place a lot more than I do. What I get the most excited about here are the sweet potato fries.
Favorites: Sweet Potato Fries



There's an amazing farmers market every Saturday in Kula behind Longs Drugs open from 7.30am-11am. We only went here once because we were so blessed to have found our little local farmer that has everything our heart could desire. Local eggs, honey, greens, fruit, fermented foods, you name it, they have it. We basically had our own super fresh little farmers market every day only 10 min away from our house. But.. If you're here for a short visit, you can get everything you need from this market.






You might have heard about the road to Hana and all I can say about this road is that, the journey really IS the destination on this one.

Waterfall  on the north side

Pitstop taking the south route towards hana



This is my favorite beach on the island..


black sand beach

I didn't get any photos from this beach but all I can say is GO THERE!!!!


RED sand beach

Red sand beach right in there to the left.. You have to do a short 'hike'/mile walk to get in there. super easy as long as it hasn't been raining. This place is BEAUTIFUL


ho'okipa beach

 I call this beach 'the baby beach' because it's super baby friendly. There are usually lots of people with younger children as they can safely and easily play in these little 'pools' formed by the rocks. That's not to say it's a loud kids filled beach at all, but typically mothers with their new borns kinda thing.. 


paia beach



There are TWO bamboo forest hikes on this island. Actually I wouldn't be surprised if there are more but one is on the south side towards Hana and a LONG journey and then there's THIS ONE! Right off mile marker 6.5 you'll see a bunch of cars parked and an obvious trail you can follow. Keep track of where you're going though.. It's absolutely beautiful.


IAO valley state park

the 'needle' at Iao valley

the 'needle' at Iao valley


makena state park
little beach / Big beach

Choosing the right instagram picture is quite important, right ;P The beach you see in the background is 'Big Beach'. The cliff we're standing on is dividing the two beaches making it more of a hidden and private spot as little beach is a nude beach. 

big beach june 2014

big beach june 2014

big beach june 2014

big beach june 2014

sunset at little beach november 2015

sunset at little beach november 2015



Make sure you bring warm clothes as it is FREEEEZING up there. It's beautiful but COLD and if you stay long enough you'll be able to watch the stars like never before. I never made it for sunrise but Daniel did one morning he couldn't sleep and decided to drive up there.

sunset from above the clouds at haleakala, november 2015

sunset from above the clouds at haleakala, november 2015

may 2014

may 2014