The oldest island of them all.. As you can see from the picture, this place is surrounded by the most breath taking beauty and amazing things to see and of course EAT! Ya'll  should know by now that I'm a serious foodie! Back when I lived in Denmark I thought Hawaii was ONE island.. I was wrong.. Hawaii consists of a bunch of small islands and Kauai might be one of the smallest (don't quote me on that one). I do know it's the oldest though and it's where a lot of Jurassic Park was filmed. Other than that, every island has it's own unique energy that corresponds to different chakras. Some say that the Hawaiian islands are the chakra system of the planet and as you arrive, you'll immediately feel the energy. It's sacred land and with sacred land comes responsibility and you'll soon find out if you should be there or not. Many people report that she/mamma earth will find a way to kick you off the island if you're not meant to be there - she might test you. I've always said that Hawaii is not a place for inbetweeners, but once you commit, she could test you to see if you're REALLY ready and if you are...you're welcome to stay.. You'll quickly realize just HOW strong the energy is on these islands.. But as for Kauai, it relates to the 3rd eye chakra and when balanced, clear inspiration and intuition flows through. Be careful what you ask for while you're here.. You might just get it!
Miracles are VERY normal here.

As for the places to eat.. I've listed my ABSOLUTE TOP FAVORITE places on this island and I kid you not, I could totally move here just for the food! Every place below is a MUST VISIT!!!
I often wish that someone else that I trust to have good taste would create a travel guide to all the amazing places to eat sleep and play for every place we go. Going new places and having to discover the good and clean places to eat can be a full time job, so in honor of saving you the trouble & giving what you want to receive, I'm giving you my travel guide to all the places we visit. In the process I found that the hardest part about doing a travel guide is that when we find a good place to eat, we stop eating anywhere else :D Such creatures of habit that when something is good, why keep searching? But, the gift in that experience is that for the sake of doing this travel guide, it's beneficial to explore as many places as possible and so that's exactly what we did. 



START YOUR MORNINGs HERE!!!! This place has the best juices and kombucha on the island without a doubt! AND as a bonus, the BEST coconut kefir I've ever had in my life and I kid you not.. THIS stuff is the BEST probiotic shot you'll ever get. The girls working here are always cheerful and super sweet. This place is a MUST VISIT while you're here. I only have good things to say about this place.
Favorites: 'Beauty Tonic' (green juice), coconut kefir, Strawberry Guava Kombucha, 



This place has the BEST acai bowl I've ever had in my life! I've had quite a few FYI.. I totally forgot everything about getting a picture of it but if you go, don't miss out on this place.. They have equally as amazing smoothies but I usually just get the acai here. I would easily drive 30min just to get one from this place.
Favorites: King Kong Acai



I kid you not.. I could totally move to Kauai just for the food. Baracuda has the best tapas style dinner you could EVER imagine! The atmosphere is on point and the food is to die for! yes.. seriously.. I HATE olives, I ate olives.. I HATE lamb - I ate LAMB!!!!! I HATE goat cheese - I ate goat cheese!!! That in itself is like a miracle. If I ever taste the slightest goat/lamb anything in my food, my dinner is over! But I ate it all !!! every last piece of it... I would go here every day if I could. I went here with 2 girlfriends one night right before we left so unfortunately I only made it here once. A favorite is hard to pick cuz I literally loved EVERYTHING we got!!

Favorites: Mediterranean olives, Medjool Dates with oranges, Salad lyonnais, Herb Roasted Fingerling potatoes, Banderillas flank steak skewers, Grilled Lamb Riblettes


the kauai grill / St REGIS Princeville RESORT

Fine dining at the the Regis. I had my birthday dinner with Dan here. This place is pretty expensive but well worth it all. The price is well reflected on the quality so if you're looking to spend a little extra and experience fine dining, go here.
Favorites: Scallops, bacon wrapped prawns, lobster


mermaid cafe

I was debating wether or not to add this place on here as the food is really good but the service was horrible. That is, I get that half the experience is with the face that's serving you but they we're looking for staff and I imagine the girl that was there was just sick of it.. That said, the food really is good. Hopefully they've got some new staff when you visit :)
Favorites: Ahi Nori Wrap


GROCERY STORES: Papayas & The Healthy Hut

These are the two healthy grocery stores on the island.. The Healthy Hut is another good place to get an acai bowl but doesn't compare at all to Anahola Juice Bar.


Waimea Canyon

Drive all the way up through Waimea canyon and there will be lots of lookouts with incredible views.

And at the end of the road you'll find THIS!!



A beautiful waterfall.. I'll let the picture speak for itself!



Drive around the island and you can't help but wanna pull over and take a picture everywhere you go

This was just a random place we pulled off the road and took a picture!


Polihale Beach/state park

A remote wild beach on the west side of the island. I didn't get any new pictures from this trip as it was super cloudy when we went and to be honest, I just forgot.. But these are from my first trip back in 2013. It's a beautiful beach and the drive is LONG but totally worth the visit.. 






Napali Coast / kalalau Trail

Some people say this is the most beautiful hike in the world. I personally have not done the 11mile hike in but only the first 2. I highly recommend doing this hike where you'll find a beautiful beach at the end of the 2 miles. If the swell is not too big, the beach is safe to be at, otherwise you might not even be able to see it. This year the swell was too big and you couldn't even access the beach so here's a picture from 2013 :)
Drive to the very end of the road at Haena State Park and you'll find a beautiful beach and the beginning of the hike.



boat ride - napali coast line 2013

boat ride - napali coast line 2013


Shipwreck Beach

The cliff you see in the picture is a famous cliff jump (that I did NOT do) as you know I'm not really a fan of the water! A lot of people also get hurt here if they don't know what they're doing so I DO NOT recommend this. But this beach is absolutely beautiful and when we were there this time, I saw 4 whales jump out of the water in the distance while a beautiful double rainbow showed up right above me. This is a super magical spot..

picture cred: @aloha_bigmike

picture cred: @aloha_bigmike



Drive down Kapiolani Loop to Punahele Rd and you'll see a TINY parking lot that's probably full. There's no where else to park so pray that you make it on a good day and don't have to wait in line forever. This spot can be very dangerous on a day with a big swell so be careful. 
I didn't get the best picture of this place so I borrowed one from Instagram :)

Have fun in Kauai, Aloha ❤ /D