Late HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM ST JOHNS.. One heck of a trip. Wow. We celebrated my birthday at 6pm Dec 29th as that would make it midnight in Denmark and therefor my birthday :D And also bc we had to get up at 5AM on the 30th which is actually my birthday, but who's excited at 5am? Not me.. 

Most of my birthday was spent flying Spirit and sitting in traffic, remind me not to do that again this year plz!

We flew to St. Thomas and arrived on St. Johns around 8pm. Dan & I wen't for a birthday dinner, well exhausted after traveling all day. This island was NOT like I expected. There was NO fruit. $5 for a coconut but cheep margaritas everywhere! It was like a party destination. People suffocating in layers upon layers of sunscreen on the beach, people binging on touristy island food which was fries, nachos and 'burgers'. I was MINDBLOWN.

But, we still had an awesome trip as the land is beautiful. Hope you enjoyed the vlog:)

With Love ❤ , Diana