This Body

This body
With Long dark hair
Caramel skin
Brown eyes
I chose a pretty one
But I don't care
I am formless
Not this body
None of it is me
It's the experience
That I chose to have on this earth

The beauty caused me pain
Not the kind I'm experiencing right now
A pain that most don't understand

I became a prey
To them
I had no feelings
To them
I was a thing
For selfish reasons

They like to think
That beauty sets them free
But it keeps them trapped
What they earn
They spend
On altering the body
More eyes on them
Keeps them happy
Or so they think

What they want
Is a label
To be a model
The perfect one
To get more likes
But the effect
Is people they don't know
Sitting behind their screens
Feeling bad
About themselves
In a world
That does not care

It sounds cool
On their Instagram bio
But They forget
That beauty is what they are
It's formless
Their soul
That does not change

And for that
Be grateful
And I am
For the sun setting
Before my eyes
For the beauty
That I witness
Every day

For the good
The bad
The contrast that kills us
Yet keeps us alive

For remembering
That this is not me
Not home
Not who I am

I am the experience
Life itself
Not this form
Not this body



With Love ❤ , Diana