Necklace from  Echoz Crystals

Necklace from Echoz Crystals

Put me in a crystal store and I'll spend all day there.. Crystals are like mother earth's precious gifts to us. I consider them to be one of the cheat codes in this video game called life. I always make the analogy that life is like a crazy video game. There's the character that you're playing as (you, your human self on this earth), but your HIGHER SELF is the one controlling this character. 

As you/ your human self plays this role in this video game, your higher self (the one behind the screen) is trying to direct you in the best direction guiding you through intuition and synchronizities - and I hope you're listening ;) . Is this getting too matrixy already?

In this video game we have ‘cheat codes’ available to us. One of them are rocks, also known as crystals and to me, they are one of the 'cheat codes’ because they can assist us with a lot of different things in everyday life. These beautiful, magical, crystals are shaped and formed under pressure from our beautiful earth, and they all contain different energies within them which means different types of crystals help us with different things. 

 They can help with meditation, manifestation, healing, love, peace, grounding, you name it and there's a crystal for it. Whatever you're looking to improve or create in your life, mother earth has provided a helpful tool for you. Crystals are incredibly powerful whether you fully believe in their power or not. It's like giving a green juice to a child, they might not know it's healthy for them or what it does for the body but that doesn't mean it's not healing and cleansing. The same goes with crystals. They work their magic whether you choose to believe in them or not. 

They pick you as much as you pick them

Picking a crystal is like picking a partner or a pet. It has to be a mutually agreed upon relationship so you use each other’s energy to work together. If you take a couple of deep breaths when you pick up a crystal, you might be able to get a feeling of 'yes or no' and you'll KNOW when you find the right one. For that reason, I don't like to order them online because I like to physically FEEL the energy before I make a decision. Often times you'll see a big box at a mall or somewhere at the airport or other touristy place where it's very obvious (to me at least) that there's very little 'life' left in those precious things. Once again, use your intuition here and take a few deep breaths and ask yourself if it feels right/good or not. You also can’t really know what you're getting when you buy them online, unless you buy from a page you trust. If you don't have a store near you, or you're overseas or heck, maybe you just can't find what you're looking for, I'd recommend my usual 'go to' Sage Goddess or Echoz Crystals which is where all my crystal necklaces are from.

Getting started/cleansing

When you purchase your crystals it's important that you cleanse them from any negative energy and all previously exposed energy that you don't want attached to them. You want to 'program' them to work with YOUR energy. There are different ways of doing this, but my favorite way is  cleansing them with the smoke of white sage. You simply hold your crystals in the smoke and let it cleanse away all negative energy while also holding the intention of doing so. A good way to then recharge them is to place them in direct sunlight for a full day and let them soak up the healing energy of the sun. You can also cleanse them using your intention & a visualization technique. Sitting with them in your hands or in front of you, meditating and imagining white light cleansing your crystals and you'll know when you're 'done. Your intuition will tell you ;)
This takes a little more time but is also a good method. 

Placing them outside on the night of the full moon to absorb the powerful energy of the moon light is the best way and my absolute favorite to charge & cleanse them.

For the meaning and uses of the many different crystals, I usually go to this site for information. You could be wanting assistance in one of the areas I mentioned earlier and in that case, I would do a google search and see which crystals helps with whatever you are looking for. I often place the small ones in my bra or pockets when I want a little extra assistance from them.

So, with all this said, I hope you have fun with picking your crystals & as a little experiment, you could carry your newly purchased crystals with you for a month and see what has changed for you and THEN look up if that matches the energy of your new crystal ;) 
Have fun with it!

With Love ❤ , Diana