Strawberry Season


Strawberry season has started and I'm cheering like a little kid for christmas..
I get so ridiculously excited because there are soooo many things you can do/make with strawberries! For one thing, THIS was my breakfast today and I totally did a wiggle dance while eating it..


Fresh strawberries
Chopped almonds & brazil nuts (or any nuts you like)
Raw honey
RAW MILK!  (None of that pasteurized stuff)

I'm blessed enough to live in California right now, where raw milk is legal and you can easily buy it at the grocery store.. If you're not in California, or even if you are, I would highly suggest you find a local farm where you can get some raw milk and potentially meat and eggs as well. 

Strawberries are an excellent source of vitamin B & C and a natural powerful antioxidant. Other than that, they're also low glycemic which I love because I've noticed how anything that can spike my blood sugar will also effect my hyperhidrosis.. or so I believe right now.. But regardless, strawberries with raw milk or raw cream is one of my top favorite go to snacks.

Now go eat some strawberries..

With Love ❤ , Diana