The Sacred Medium - Living In Another World

The Sacred Medium is my place of being IN the world but not OF the world. It’s my desire in sharing these things that YOU will find your version of The Sacred Medium.

Through the journey of ‘my life as Diana’ I remembered that I’m a spiritual being having a human experience. I’ve always been an intuitive and most of the time I live in another world while pretending to function in this one. I've alway been different. The house I grew up in was haunted and I had no where to hide. I remember telling my mom every day that there was something following me around the house. It was right there looking at me and I was scared of it. I remember RUNNING at night when I came home from visiting friends. I had to run down our insanely long driveway. It was like a 45 sec sprint with my tiny legs at the age of 10! The entire property was haunted but there were specific places in the house that were more haunted than others and I'm getting chills even as I'm writing this. The hallway that then lead to the dark stairs to the upper floor where my room was - chills. The tool house & garage. I hated those places. I could always hear the stairs squeaking as if someone was walking when there was no one there. Being home alone was the worst because then I COULDN'T convince myself that I was imagining it! I remember not wanting the TV on because what if it turned off? I also didn't wan't it off because what if it turned ON? Then I would unplug it but then freak out by the idea that what if it turned on even without the plug in the wall? Like I had seen on TV? I was losing it. Going NUTS. I would sit and cover my ears and close my eyes and sing a song when I got really scared. I would go to bed this way. Most kids are scared of the imaginary monster under the bed but this 'monster' was real. I knew it.

That’s been my reality ever since I can remember. I can hide from the living but theres no running from the spirits - even if you try. Through several attempts of trying to deny it I found myself lost in this world AND the other. 

Every day I kept asking my mom if she sensed something and I kept telling her that I was right, that she had to believe me. There was something IN OUR HOUSE. It was following me and staring at me. My moms response was always the same. She would always tell me that I was imagining it and that it wasn't real. Then one day, many years after we had moved out, I asked my mom about that place we used to live in and if she remembered how I used to tell her that I thought there was a ghost. Her response was then very different. She said 'oh yeah, I remember that. That place was haunted by an older man but I knew that if I told you, you would run away and never come back'... THANKS A LOT MOM!!!

Ever since I can remember I’ve had the ability to sense things that others couldn’t. I would predict things and had hunches about people or situations along with a very strong sense of empathy. I used to feel other peoples feelings to the extend where I thought they were my own. I could hear what the animals were thinking and I felt what they felt. All of this didn’t make sense when I was younger so I did what I could to ignore the things I saw. Sparkly things in the air or energy/color around people. These were all things I tried to ignore as I was scared my mom would give me glasses. This was all before I knew colors were auras and the waves were energy but I mean...she didn't believe me when I told her about the ghost in our house so why would she believe me now? Because of this, I kept to myself & by ignoring it I quickly felt like I was neglecting a big part of myself. 

Having married into a very Christian family, I get questions quite often about my spiritual beliefs and I have to say that one of my attempts to 'hide' this was through this experience. Anything from the other world (other than what the Bible says about God) seems to them as being evil or witchy. Even angels 'THAT SHIT IS EEVIIIIL' lol. Guess the unfamiliar is scary for a lot of people. Now I have to add that my husband doesn't think this way, but his family sure does and I'll leave it at that..  

Anywho, like I said, even if I tried, I couldn't hide from my gift and The Sacred Medium came about through this realization. That it doesn’t always have to be either or. There's a balance. Though I feel a strong calling to do work in this field I still have a big passion for a lot of the things in 'this' world.

I have a passion for different aspects of MANY worlds wether it be dreams, intuitive work, organic beauty (in more than one way), food, herbs, emotions, etc because in the end, they are all connected. Along my journey I’ve come to learn that theres no separation between the emotional and the physical and this is truly fascinating. That means, what you think and feel will manifest into existence in your physical body. The short version is; there’s only so much you can ‘cleanse’ with herbs and food. The rest needs to be addressed in the ‘other world’ of thoughts and emotions which then leads me to the second part of The Sacred Medium which I’m equally as passionate about.

All of the 'material' things. I love sustainable living in any fashion and going back to the old ways of following mother earth closely. I love DIY projects and FOOD! I’m a true foodie and go through cookbooks like most woman go through Vogue. I love food and I love finding healthier healing versions of the things I love. I believe in food as medicine and the rest of my prescription for a healthy life would be deep sleep, fresh air, sunshine, fresh spring water, daily movement, meditation and positive thoughts. To me, a healthy life is not about being on a constant cleanse or never indulging in your favorite sweets. It's about realizing that FOOD is MEDICINE and that's why I love finding healthy versions of anything possible.

It’s also not about taking my words and making them yours. It’s about YOU taking everything you want from whomever else you learn from and finding YOUR Sacred Medium. As cliche as it sounds, it’s about making it into a lifestyle that works for YOU. I'm sharing MY Sacred Medium here by combining many worlds that hopefully inspire you on your journey towards this.. 


Trust has been such a big theme of my life lately. Though I've come to realize that I'm not crazy, I'm not just telling myself things. This shit is REAL. There are still times where I think; Really? REALLY? Like, FOR REAL? WOW!!! It's so important to have someone to encourage you to feel what you feel and see what you see and trust is something that I'm excited about being able to pass on not just to my future children but you who are reading this blog. Trust yourself and find someone to talk to, if you don't have anyone to talk to, you have me. You are not alone. I try to get back to all the emails I receive but bare with me if some get lost in time and transition.

Doubting my gift is something I did for MANY years and I guess most people do when they have no one to tell them that this stuff is actually as real as you reading this blog right now.. ‘is this for real?’ what if I’m wrong? The challenging part in this work is to distinguish between your own imagination and the images/voices you are shown. I compare this to how you tell the difference between a memory or a made up image. Theres not really much difference in how you 'see' these things except for the rational feeling or belief that you have experienced the memory. It is something you can FEEL. This is not as easy to understand unless you know what I'm talking about but it will come with practice. It's ok to feel confused in the beginning. As with anything, it will come with time and trust. Today I feel like the flood gates are open stronger than ever before because I'm trusting it. Even if I can't interpret it right away, I just sit with it and allow it to come trough me. I allow it to be what it is and sometimes I’m still not sure what to do with it all...other than just embrace it and keep learning and listening and so that’s exactly what I’m doing..

That said, unicorns are real and so are fairy tales. As with anything, magic is real when you choose to believe in it and all of the above I desire to share with you in hopes that you will find your own sacred medium in more than one way. 

With Love ❤ , Diana