Here lies
A young girl
With a goddess spirit

A true warrior
Who fought
When life was her enemy
Even at its worst

And for that
I love you
I honor you
So deeply
For never quitting

Even when the boy
Who was 18
when you were 8
Decided to do things he shouldn't
You suppressed it
To survive

And that one day
When your dad
No longer showed up
You allowed yourself
To be confused
And to grieve
Where did he go?

And when you were all alone
With the scary ghost
In your room
With the walls painted blood red
Bordeaux to be correct
Cuz thats what you wanted
And your mom had let you
Cuz she felt bad

She was busy
With a broken heart
Dealing with the evil guy
That you had begged
To take the place
As your dad

She fought
For her own reasons
Cuz she thought
any dad
was better than no dad

And then there was..
That one night
When you came home drunk
And found a kitchen knife
Ready to say goodbye
To this earthly world
That had become your enemy
But then
Life happened
And it kept you alive

You wondered why

Was it to experience
That birthday
I think you were 20
Where your parents had become children
and didn't talk to you
because they were offended
For reasons you didn't even know
Resulting in you
having no one
But a single friend in the world
Who gave you a single red rose
That meant more to you
Than anyone could ever understand

I remember
You smiled at him
And stayed strong
That one day
The pot of gold
Would be by your feet

I admire your faith
Your heart and soul
You were by my side
And never left
Even at its worst
You never left
And for that
I thank you
From the bottom of my heart
I needed you 

I'm not sure
where I would be
If not for you

But now
I let you go
I've found my gold
And I know
That one day
He will be
The best dad
A daughter could ever ask for

So dear child
May you find the time
In the other realm
To slow down the process
To do it all over again
And allow yourself
To be the kid
That you deserve to be
You don't need to fight
No more

So I'm telling you
With all my heart
I love you
May you


With Love ❤ , Diana