You love your dog, your dog loves you. You love your boyfriend, your parents, your friends, yet you don’t love them all in the same way and they might not love you the same way as you love them. So how do you even tell the difference between the way you love different people? Isn’t love, love?.. There's lots of questions about it but i won't get into all of them..

What i will get into is that we learn from our parents and UNFORTUNATELY, so many parents play a guilt trip on their kids.. “I did everything for you, I never left you, I sacrificed everything, why can’t you do this for me, why don’t you come home, don’t you care, bla bla” In my opinion, aaargh, it's so not right.. Love with a motive is NOT love - Giving Love and expecting to receive anything back is NOT love. Love is not limited, it’s UNCONDITIONAL.. So many parents struggle with loving themselves and so the kids repeat and suffer… Unless we do our inner child work and find a way to break that pattern of thinking that we owe people or need to earn love. I get chills down my spine (and not in a good way) when I hear parents pull this one.. FYI, I'm really happy that my mom never pulled that guilt card on me… YOU deserve ALL the love in the world and you have it - always available to you when you need it, you do NOT have to earn it. 

LOVE IS LOVE. Essentially all there is. The love where everything stems from and thats unconditional. Some people might reference this as ‘one love’ all there is, which is unconditional love. Loving people for who they are without trying to change them to fit in your mold... You might come across some people that you just really can't stand, and even these people you 'should' have love for (& potentially look at what they reflect in you since you can't stand them ;) ).. Just because you have love for them (remember, you don't know their history) doesn't mean you intentionally have to seek them out and be around them. Surround yourself with the people that are right for you, but have love for everyone.

Seen from a different dimension, this love has a taste, a color, a smell , it's all knowing and goes beyond this 3rd dimension. Yeah it sounds weird I know and I'm not talking about synesthesia here but I really got to experience this in the most surreal way about a month ago.. 

My experience of it is hard to describe for the general mind to understand as we're so used to only grasping whats seen with our 2 physical eyes in this 3rd dimension. You would probably think I was high on mushrooms or something, but I wasn’t.. To make it more simple I can explain it as the kind of love that you find in nature. Where everything just IS and is all loving. You don’t feel judged by the animals or the trees or the water. It all just is. At peace. This is what unconditional love is..

The color seems to not even be of this dimension. It’s white and clear yet has the colors of the rainbow. sounds triply right.. To categorize the smell and sound is almost impossible and wouldn’t do it any justice. But to try, it sounds like the most peaceful soothing music and notes you’ve ever heard yet has no sound at all. It smells fresh like nature yet has no smell. 
Like i said, it goes far beyond words...

On a different aspect of love, we tend to think of our ‘lovers’ as people that complete us which I think is so wrong.. You are complete in yourself and don’t need anything or anyone other than what you have within you to feel this love. Your friends, your partners, they’re all just mirrors for you to reflect your own greatness and challenges and not someone who should fulfill a 'missing' part of you. NOTHING is missing within you, you are whole. We need to stop looking for fulfillment outside of ourself and stop looking for other people to complete us.. There is no such thing as someone who can complete you because you are ALREADY WHOLE and that’s so important for us to realize.
Start looking within..

My friend Amanda put it really well so I'll just quote her resent FB status :)

"Your lover, significant other, partner is not an extension of yourself. They are not structures that "create" your happiness or your fulfillment. They are gifts given to you as a personal mirror to show you the things you may not be able to see clearly within yourself. It is not someone else's responsibility to make you happy, or to make you "feel loved". At points in my life I was so perfectly desperate to "find love" in another person. To feel the completed feeling. Searching for someone to make me whole again. The empty part that was missing wasn't in a person. It was the Love I was missing from myself. I'd imagine one day we will be able to look into the eyes of the person we plan on spending the rest of our life with, and see them as a whole person, put on this Earth to walk beside us rather than turning them into the compass. At that point we will finally be able to redefine the way the world views relationships."

You have everything within you. Everything.. Sometimes you have to quiet your mind to hear that voice that you’ve learned to ignore, but it’s there.. Waiting for you to listen and pay attention.. It's your higher self. Your subconscious.. Often times also recognized as that gut feeling you get once in a while.. We're all so busy asking and asking and talking but rarely take the time to just listen.. Listen to what others have to say or listen to your higher self.. How often in a conversation are you just busy thinking about what to respond instead of tuning into that person and be FULLY engaged, like nothing else exists. This is what I'm practising lately.. To ignore everything else that goes on and just be with what IS..right in front of me!

On a different note.. Think of love like a baby.. Would you ever tell a baby that it's not worthy? That it has to earn your love? And if it does something 'wrong' that it has to be punished? No.. and the same goes for you.. All these limiting beliefs are things we have been taught and it's nothing but an illusion.. Let your voice be heard, don’t be afraid of not being loved or accepted, cuz you are.. just the way you are.. Don’t rob the world from your unique beauty and talent. 

Speaking of love, I can't help but touch on Religion! Religion especially is based on fear even though thats not what was originally intended. You are not separate from God/source and therefor you cannot ever be 'left out' or earn approval or acceptance. This idea is based on separation which is not true if we are made of God which is all there is and where all creation stems from. YOU are the son/daughter of God/source and so we are ALL the same. I can't stress enough that this one love means that you are NEVER EVER SEPARATE!!!!.. So the illusion of separation as if you don't behave or don't do as it says in the books, you'll be punished or separated from God, is nothing but a BIG FAT LIE. God/Source - all there is, is all loving and you are made of it and from it. THIS means you don't EVER need acceptance from anyone. That idea is pure blaspheme and you are NOT EVER gonna be punished in hell for your sins when you die.. Heaven and hell is nothing but a state of mind and realizing that this one love is all there is, is heaven on earth.. I could go on an on about this but i'll cut myself off for now.. 

Love does not have limits,

That said, I'd really encourage you to listen to this girl explain everything you need to know about what i just tried to explain. Religious or not, she's worth it.. Just look past the cussing :) This video is going viral..