MY PREGNANCY EXPERIENCE | Workout , Diet, Supplements

Hey lovelies.. If you're reading this because you're pregnant then congrats on this amazing journey you're embarking upon on. If you're here because you're thinking about becoming pregnant then yes yes yes, I'm excited for you either way.. Being a mom is an incredible experience. 

As I made this video I realized I could've talked about SO many more things that I forgot, so here we go..  


feb 6, 2017 - 8 months old

feb 6, 2017 - 8 months old

I probably forgot to talk about my workout routine because it was close to non existing. Every time I tried (when I started feeling better in my 2nd trimester) I would start feeling so fatigued and had to recover for 3 days. Doing 10 squats had me out of breath and unable to do much else other than lay on the couch so I simply just listened to my body and did what I could which was walking. Daniel and I took some long walks and did a lot of hiking especially while in Costa Rica. (hiking eventually became too much for me as well). So long story short, no working out for all.. and I'm still not working out as I'm still recovering from the birth.. Yes.. Still... 4 weeks later.. Which I will save for a 'post birth' video.. If you watched the full birth story you may have gotten a small insight to what wen't down.


My diet changed a lot as something happened to my taste buds during pregnancy.
the 1st trimester I was sick sick sick and could barely eat anything so I ate what I could. This consisted of mostly bread and bland/ tasteless things and NO animal products. The though alone of any kind of animal product would have me face down in the toilet. Some of you may know that I used to eat a much more paleo based diet and turned more or less vegan during a lot of my pregnancy. 

2nd trimester I started eating 'normal' again but mostly fruits and veggies. I turned more or less fruitarian during this time but got my protein mostly from chickpeas and other beans/legumes. Whole organic foods are good for you and no I'm not scared of the natural sugar from fruit or fruit juice. I was also not worried about the 'are you getting enough protein'. I used my intuition and was very in tune with what my body wanted and didn't want. Many people have lost touch with their intuition and even the ability to feel what is healthy for us and not but all I can say is, if you're pregnant, your body is more in tuned than ever..

3rd trimester took a different turn again. ALL I wanted was A LOT of raw cows milk , mangoes, strawberries and honey. And I kid you not.. it was 80% of my diet the last month.

10 weeks - I legit thought I was starting to show, haha

10 weeks - I legit thought I was starting to show, haha

21 weeks and proud of my 'pump' haha

21 weeks and proud of my 'pump' haha

36 weeks, | March 13, 2017

36 weeks, | March 13, 2017






Folinic Acid
(bio active form of folic acid which is not the same)

Magnesium (1 tsp taken before bed)

Vitamin K
(Best taken with Vitamin D)

Vitamin D

Vitamin C / Ester C

Iron (I started taking this at the end of 2nd trimester but would suggest taking it at the start of 2nd)

** I took the recommended dosage that's on the bottles


Raspberry Leaf Capsules

Evening Primrose Oil



I always get lose leaf tea as I find it to be much higher quality but it's definitely not necessary. These we're my favorite that were good for female reproductive system/hormones.

Raspberry Leaf Tea

Nettle leaf Tea


I started CRAVING hibiscus like a mad person in my 3rd trimester. Like MAAAAAD cravings. Home made & unsweetened which , if you look up conventional opinions is not recommended (the same ppl that say you shouldn't drink unpasteurized juices)  but it's actually really good to strengthen your uterus and liver so I made big batches and kept in my fridge to drink iced. 

*I made 3 quarts at a time and made it a combination of hibiscus and rose hips and different kinds of fruity teas that I also had laying around. ( just make sure there are no artificial/'natural' flavorings or other nasties in there.

Our pregnancy announcement  

Our pregnancy announcement  


xo, D