Mexico 2015

It felt SO good to finally be on a retreat where I didn't have to do anything but sit back and enjoy the ride :) My good friend Jill Feeler was hosting a retreat in Mexico. She is an amazingly gifted soul and does a lot of spiritual teaching and I absolutely adore her. If you are not familiar with her or her work yet, check her out and I recommend getting a private reading from her. You won't regret it.. Long story short, of course Chitzen Itza has always been on my bucket list so I signed up :D Dan & I went and had an amazing time here.. 

Our camera had some difficulties dealing with the moisture and my little Mac was having a hard time handling the large amount of footage we got so enjoy some of these photos till I get a video together :) 

Starting with a  Classic Dianiel :)

The sun was BRUTAAAL on the last day where we went to Chitzen Itza.. We had to hide under a towel to protect ourselves.. But nonetheless, This place is magical, so much history, so much beauty, so much WOW! I highly recommend visiting this place at least once in your lifetime <3 All of the 7 wonders are on my bucket list haha.. I've got 2 down so far, a few more to go..

With Love ❤ , Diana