What's In My Makeup Bag

Hey Loves...

I got a few questions about what makeup I was wearing in the picture above so I figured I'd make a blog and share it with you as well as my every day makeup products. I really don't use a lot of makeup and a lot of what I have is still from the blog I shared back in March last year :D I did switch some of them out and came across some new all time favorites so keep scrolling.

I'll make another blog with my everyday facial routine as a lot of you have been asking about that as well. Unfortunately we lost our big Canon camera somewhere along our journey so I haven't really been able to make videos.. Bare with me till we figure out that situation :S

FOUNDATION: As a foundation I wear a powdered 'Satin Matte Foundation' in 'Warm 5' from Alima Pure. It's a powder that really evens out your skin tone without giving a caky look that liquid foundation often gives. You can layer up to get more coverage if that is desired. I really highly recommend this foundation and they will send you samples so you can find your tone. It's the best I've found as it's perfect for that everyday 'no makeup' makeup look and even for more coverage if you layer up. I re ordered a big one after I ran out of my sample that I got last year and haven't ordered since. That's how little makeup I usually wear :D lol

CONTOUR: I use Alima Pures contour powder in Sombra which is almost too light for me but gives me a good subtle contour for my everyday light makeup. Once again I'll just layer up if I need a more dramatic look.

BLUSH: I still have my little sample from last year - again, I really don't wear much makeup :D

FINISHING POWDER: I have one from RMS Beauty that I really don't ever use. It's not my favorite but I kept it just incase.. Sometimes I'll use this is my skin get's greasy throughout the day but I'd have to say that I prefer the one from Alima Pure that I forgot to add in the picture. Then there's this big thing from Young Blood and I'm actually not sure about the quality of their stuff - I haven't looked that deep into it but I've had this thing for probably 1,5 years by now and barely ever touch it! If ever at all actually.. It's one of those - just in case situations.

CONCEALER: I love my concealer from RMS beauty in 33. It's perfect! If I use it on my skin I tend to break out so I keep it for those days where I need some extra love under my eyes. I absolutely LOVE the powdered concealer you can get from Alima Pure but with our travel schedule I somehow never manage to order a new one as we rarely have an address and I somehow end up forgetting. (I only tried the sample I got and that lasted me a few months) again, I really don't use a lot.

BROWS: For my brows I fell in love with the brow pencil from 'TARTE'. It's absolutely amazing and I use it along with the 'Satin Matte Eyeshadow' in JAVA from Alima Pure. It creates the perfect filled in brows for me which I do pretty much every day.

I absolutely fell in love with this mascara from TARTE! I don't think I'll ever use anything else, that' show much I love this one!! As well as this eye liner from TARTE that has the most amazing tip ever if you want to create a sharp winged liner. I highly recommend these two.

LIPS: I'm still on the looks for something new but I have to say that I absolutely LOVE the 'Really Balm' from RedAppleLipstick! If I use any 'tint' on my lips I usually go for the 'sweet pea' or I'll use my 'honey rose - blush' to add a little extra color. In the picture I used a tiny bit of the sweet pea. My old favorite used to be a lip liner from Rimmel but as I switched out all the toxic drug store makeup, I still haven't managed to find one I loved as much.


Hope you enjoyed.. I'f there's any products you think I would love or should try , please leave a comment below and lemme know. I'd love to hear your thoughts and learn about new products :)

With Love ❤ , Diana