The Greatest Love Story

I bought a ticket, flew across the world, fell in love, got a tan, never returned, had my face on a bus and a ring on my finger, all in 6 months, you know, normal life kinda things..

Well..maybe not so normal but nonetheless.. The story of my life.. (my most resent anyway)
I used to watch Dan's YouTube videos before I ever met him and I remember my boyfriend at the time being super jealous 'why are you watching these shirtless guys on YT?' he'd ask. My frustrated response: 'They're really inspiring?! What, you think I'm gonna marry this guy? They live across the world, What are the odds I'll even ever meet these guy?'. With a frustrated voice I'd tell him to calm down and let me watch the damn videos - learning about juice and all, hahaha.. ohhh the raw vegan days... I remember it clearly.. I can't believe I said that, haha. Dan is big on words creating your reality and when I think back on that moment, I'm slightly scared/excited cuz I def created my reality with that one! Be careful what you speak out loud.. Just sayin' - especially the things you DON'T want in your reality..

But THIS GUY! Where do I even begin.. The way he looks at me.. I mean, it still makes my knees weak... I knoooow, just get over it already, right... But I'm serious...
 We met September 28th, 2012 at a weekend retreat he was hosting (read more here). Our first 'date' started in Peru at the end of October and lasted 5 weeks. Dan always says that beyond the raw honesty, the best way to get to know someone is to travel with them to a 3rd world country and so when he asked if I wanted to join a trip to Peru, I said yes. Not that I knew that at the time but I always wanted to go to Machu Piccu so heck, why not :) Honestly at this point I thought he was the least boyfriend material anyone could ever imagine. I was so ready to get back to the main land and get away.. He even told me I wasn't 'wife material' (insert loud laugh here)..haha

Peru November 2012

Peru November 2012

Believe it or not but our relationship actually started as a joke. One evening as we were talking over dinner with the crew you see on the pic below, we were discussing the idea of the 'label' of being in a relationship and Dan said, heck, I'm in Peru, I'm not seeing anyone else, wanna be my girlfriend? Me, with the most sarcastic/angry look my face was fed up with these guys and said, SURE.. Thinking I couldn't wait to get back and get away, haha.. His brother even made me shake his hand and promise that we wouldn't make it public on Facebook bc it would be bad for their business.. hahaha.. As I figured there was no way this was even real, I made the deal.. BUT, then life happened. From that day or should I say - that JOKE, he actually started stepping into some boyfriend material - he was sweet :P and then LOVE happened. I can't help but laugh at how it all turned out..  

The crew at Saksaywaman, Peru 2012

The crew at Saksaywaman, Peru 2012

January 2013 we wen't to Costa Rica. February he took me to California because I'd never been and he wanted to show me before I went back to Denmark. Little did he know that he would fall for me so deeply that he couldn't let me go only 2 months later - and the other way around too ofc ;P Time is a blur for me but THAT I DO remember because I thought I had to leave and go back. Since then, we've been to  25 of the 50 states (if I'm remembering and counting correctly) along with countries and cities such as Peru, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, London, Amsterdam, Denmark, and the list is about to be much longer this year. 


Fast forward 3 years later, I still can't get enough of this guy. Despite spending pretty much EVERY DAY together since we met, we can't get enough. I'll speak on his behalf. WE. Cuz he still get's mad if I suggest doing something without him :P



It's like I fall for him more and more each day but because I know how easy it sometimes is to forget about the small moments, I one day I decided to stay precent and snapshot those 'little moments' that mean so much but are easily forgotten. It's actually pretty fun and I highly suggest that you try it out for a day as you might just realize how many 'little' things you're overlooking.


IMG_7852 2.JPG

We live a life where I don't have to wake up with an alarm unless I want to. So every morning I get to cuddle with this animal for as long as I want and he LOVES to cuddle. Seriously. Sometimes I just want him to stop but he keeps wanting to cuddle. Haha.. I talked to another girlfriend that mentioned how her boyfriend is really bad at cuddling so I was reminded of how blessed I am :) I took this picture (awkward) but it was the position I was in when I remembered to take a photo so I did. Laying next to him I got to stare into his eyes and appreciated the moment of realizing that noting is forever.

Earlier that day when we were sitting in the car, I looked at Dan and told him 'I love you' he replied ‘I love you’ back, while looking at his phone and not looking up at me once and then started laughing and THEN looked at me, realizing how 'auto pilot' he just sounded :D Later that day I told him I wanted to cuddle for 20 seconds and he jumped on me like a dead fish and I couldn't help but laugh out LOUD because he jumped on me like a dead fish.

He's the greatest man a girl could ever ask for and I'm beyond blessed and grateful for all the crazy things I went through to fly across the world to meet him. As I'm writing this, I'm in Maui. Never did I actually think I'd find myself in Hawaii and to think that I would make it 3 times - including some island hopping, not quite sure how to even count it anymore. I would have laughed so hard in your face if you had told me 4 years ago that this could be my reality!

We got married April 2nd 2013 so our 3 year anniversary is coming up. I kid you not when I tell you that I'm having a hard time remembering where I've been and when. Time almost doesn't exist anymore. I've experienced more in 3 years than most people do in 10. If not for the vlogs, I wouldn't know how to recall all those memories. (I'm still working on getting a new camera so I can start vloging again :S )

I'm so grateful, so thankful and my heart is bursting. 

I know
That it's all temporary
So I want to thank you

For the experiences we've had
The love we've shared
The journeys we've taken
The tears we've shed
And the joy we've doubled

I want to thank you
For choosing me
Being with me
Sticking with me
And for seeing the beauty in me

I want to thank you
For the way you look at me
The way you touch me
And the way you listen to me

For making it your mission
To make my dreams come true
For giving me more
Than I could even imagine

I want to thank you

For being a leader
The greatest man
A girl could ever ask for
For calling me your princess
And treating me so  
By protecting me
And providing for me

I want to thank you

For the love you share
For the faith you carry
For the history we have
And For the future you envision

For wanting me
To one day
carry your children
And together
Leave our legacy
With a reminder to Love

I know
That it's all temporary
So I want to thank you