I Chose To Come Here - But I Don't Remember Why

I chose to come here
But I don't remember why

I'm sitting here
Experiencing earth
In this thing they call 'body'

I'm typing on my iPhone
A physical device
That gives me wisdom
and knowledge
Yet limits me more than ever

I look at humanity
They've forgotten & Know so little
Repeating history
By becoming slaves  

They don't see
They're blind to the invisible chain
My faith is limited
Wishing there was more I could do
Hoping that my presence itself
Is more than enough

They are scared of life
Scared of death
Scared of doing nothing
Yet they do nothing
Chasing the idea
Of becoming like the rest
Flawed by nature
In their human skin

There are few of us
Who remember
That despite our shell
We are not from here
not meant to stay here
Yet we chose to be here

I'm on of them 

My  soul is free
Always at home
But I've forgotten the feeling

They try
To pull us away
From the roots of nature
The very thing
That feels like home

They want us to think
But only as they please
That the answer is outside ourselves

No wonder humans are lost!

I'm lost.. 
Yet there is no such thing
Because I remember
That Everything is complete
That everything is nothing
And nothing is everything

My human side is confused
But I know
That I'm whole and complete
That I am
As a human
flawed and free
And that I chose to come here
But I don't remember why

With Love ❤ , Diana