Heey precious souls... Grab your snacks and get comfortable cuz this is a looong one. I've been gone pretty much ever since I got pregnant (I'll explain why later) so there was a lot to cover.. I could've split this video into two but hey.. #momlife has begun.

Anywho, I guess we should start from the beginning so here we go.. Divina was conceived in the sound studio at my friends cannabis farm right outside of Portland 😂I know... But I'm actually really stoked that I know the date and location of her conception as Mayan/Toltec astrology is based around this date and most people unfortunately just don't know this information.

For the longest time I had been wanting to go to Portland. It was more like a nudge from spirit.. GO TO PORTLAND. And I never understood why. I mean.. Oregon never really fascinated me.. Never had an epic experience with Oregon.. But somehow.. PORTLAND.. I had to go there.. Anywho. After about a year of feeling this 'nudge', our travels led us to British Colombia and I thought, we’re so close, I have to go! So we went and after a couple of days in Portland I was like ‘hey spirit, I’m here - sooo.. what’s up, where to go/what to do?’. A couple more days went by with seemingly nothing happening so I told Dan I felt pretty complete with the visit and ready to move on. I  honestly felt like perhaps I had been 'mislead'. We then drove off to Bend Oregon (the morning she was conceived yet we didn't know at the time) and staid for 10 ish days.. 

Now. A little backstory that leads to the next step of our journey...
For about two weeks, I had been jokingly pulling Dans arm saying we should get a pitbull puppy! I guess my motherly instinct was kicking in strong. And I’ve always had a love for pitbulls and only wanted one of those. So every day I would make a a fun nudge/comment about how we should get a pitbull puppy.. Then after a week of this, Dans mom sends me a message with a picture of a litter of pitbull puppies… I then obviously thought Dan had talked to her because this was very unusual as she doesn't really message me.. but he hadn’t.. this was ‘out of the blue’ - yeah, spirit works in mysterious ways. Now, Daniels grandmother who lived to be 100, had a Pitbull named Baby. When she passed, his uncle then got the dog and 6 months later, that dog had a litter and this was it..  I couldn’t help but take it as a sign.. but did I attract it because I was talking about it or were we really supposed to get this dog? I mean.. with our lifestyle it would be crazy, right? But when I saw the picture I knew I wanted the brown one.. 

Now fast forward, we’re in Bend Oregon, pregnant without knowing. 4 weeks has passed from getting the puppy picture and Dans mom is approaching the time of having to pass along an answer as to wether we wanted the dog or not.. I’m telling Dan no.. I was being ridiculous.. it would be crazy.. I mean, we travel so much.. and ofc he said ‘let’s just go look at it’.. I mean.. who goes to just ‘look’ at a puppy.. you know you end up with a puppy if you do that.. that’s like taking a kid to a candy store.. Needless to say, we flew to Georgia where Dans family lives.. and we looked at the puppy... and we left with the puppy!!! We then had our first baby, Oriah.. 

we then drove to Charleston, SC to spend what we thought would just be a month with Jp and our new family member. You know JP, Mr. ultra spiritual comedy guy.. One afternoon (after only a few days) we find ourselves sitting in the living room and I go ‘man I’m really craving Nutella right now’ keep in mind I don’t eat Nutella anymore and haven’t in probably 8 years. Jp then looks at me and says ‘oh you’re just pregnant and you don’t even know it’.. Now, when Jp says something.. joking or not, it has me thinking twice. I mean. I WAS 3 days late, but that wasnb't that unusual.. but regardless, the next day I went out and got a pregnancy test without telling Dan. He would usullay make fun of me for always thinking/worrying I had gotten pregnant. But this time I really didn’t think that was the case. So the day goes by, we go out to eat dinner and the next morning, it’s 5.30, puppy is whining and wants to go out. I come back in and take my test... ITS POSITIVE!!!!! I’m in shock.. Is this for real?? Dan then wakes up within 5 minutes, runs to the bathroom and starts puking.. I’m standing there like.. what the freak is happening.. He's got his head in the toilet and I'm stroking his back and nurturing him not wanting to deliver the news while he’s got his head in the toilet.. 

He goes back to sleep, I stay up. Then around noon as he’s feeling better, I deliver the news.. and his analytical mind can’t believe it 😂 

We go buy some more tests that are all positive and I then later learn that a test can’t be falsely positive only falsely negative l..  

So I’m pregnant.. and within a week morning sickness kicks in.. or should I call it all day sickness cuz it was 24/7. The thought of animal products would make me sick to my stomach and I didn't want to be anywhere near my phone or computers or anything giving off EMF’s or radiation. It was INTENSE.. so I went MIA. And that’s pretty much why I haven’t been on social media for so long.. I couldn't stand being near electronics.

Anywho.. I started feeling better and our travels continues. I also wanted a home birth so we found a home in Encinitas,CA when I was 8 months pregnant.. a little last minute but hey, that tends to be how we roll... 

I ended up having a natural home birth with no medication. I was going for water birth but the more I thought about it, the less I wanted to introduce my child into this world with California tap water. You know we take our water pretty seriously.  But... I'll leave it here and if you're curious about more fun details of our pregnancy, just watch the video :)

Also, make sure to watch the viral video of how Daniel stops Divina from crying by oming... Ahh, I love this one..

Xo, D