The process of getting a flat stomach is so much more than just doing sit-ups and burpees all day..If you want a flat stomach you need your digestion to be on point and that process is not always an easy one but there are certain things you can do right away to work on it so let's just talk about it cuz we all want one!! :D  First of all you wanna get rid off all that bad fermentation that happens from poor food combination and toxic built up. You wanna HEAL your gut so you don't deal with being bloated and constipated. You also wanna MOVE! Finding a fun way to burn some extra calories will speed up the process but most importantly, START in the kitchen and don't stress about it. Stress might be one of the the worst thing you can do to your over all health. 

Now I'm personally not advocating having the mindset of 'let's just get a flat stomach and that's it', let's get healthy and then a flat stomach will follow. WIN WIN. If you're in it only to look a certain way, thinking it will make you happy, you're wrong! It most likely won't so let's start with 'I look amazing, I am beautiful, and I'm gonna do this because I want to feel even more amazing and look even better'....

Now you're ready ;)

I could've made a top 20 list so I might have to split this blog up and make a part 2. I've got a lot to say about the misconception of 'low fat, low carb low everything' but what I'll say for now is that don't be scared of fat! The more fat you eat the better it might actually be.. (in moderation ofc ;)) And it might actually make you lose fat easier too.. As you hear us say quite often 'the fat you eat is the fat you lose' as It keeps you full for longer and gives you more fuel for the day but before we get too deep into that one, let's stick with the 8 tips I've got here.


1. Out with processed foods

Number 1 is of course to cut out all processed foods, white sugar, gluten, pasteurized dairy and all that nasty stuff!! Out out Out !! I trust that I don't have to explain this one any deeper, this one should be well ingrained in you by now!!


Consume more BONE BROTH!! Made correctly it's like collagen in a jar! This stuff is like a magic pill. Drink 2 cups a day if possible and watch some serious magic happen. It heals your stomach lining like no other food! You can fill yourself with supplements all day long but if your gut doesn't  know how to absorb them, then what's the point? I have a recipe and more info on  bone broth HERE and I highly recommend making it yourself as it will be a lot more potent and medicinal than the stuff you buy at the store. DO NOT buy anything from a box!!


Increase your water intake. Now I'm not talking tap water or bottled water here or filtered tap. You would think that most bottled water is good for you but SURPRIIISE.. It's NOT!! well, it's better than tap water for sure but most bottled water is dead from sitting in those plastic bottles for waaay too long. If you can, go harvest some fresh natural spring water. Daniel Vitalis has been so nice as to create a free site where you can find spring water all over the world. No more excuses.. It is well worth the drive even if you have to go 45 min to get it. The site is not exactly the most user friendly but I'm  sure you'll figure it out :) 
You want to be drinking alkalized water so your body can actually absorb it on a cellular level. THIS is where the magic happens! 

4. herbal teas

Get your herbal teas going. Ginger tea which I wrote more about HERE is incredible for optimal internal health but another favorite is PU-EHR tea which is my ALL TIME FAVORITE lately! I'm OBSESSED!!! It's super good for digestion and melting away fat, helping you to shed those pounds! Apparently Chinese people would drink this a lot with their meals because their food is typically very greasy! It's said that you should drink a cup of pu-ehr tea 1hr after your meal so that it can remove any excess grease and help digest the meal you just consumed. This stuff is AMAZING and I drink it almost every day though I personally drink 1 cup a day on an empty stomach in the morning as I'm usually out and about all day. I only recently found out about this tea and when I started drinking it I noticed that my digestion improved rapidly and that's when I looked up the health benefits and started learning about this stuff! it's made from black tea and my personal favorite which is a 'sticky rice pu-ehr' can be found HERE.

5. Fermented foods

Fermented foods are KEY! Wether that be coconut kefir, kombucha, raw milk kefir, kimchi or sauerkraut! Make sure to consume fermented foods at least once a day with your meals. They add healthy bacteria to your gut as fermented foods are foods that have been through a process of fermentation where natural bacteria feed on sugar and starch. It's one of the best forms of probiotic you can consume so skip the supplements and find your favorite type of fermented foods. Once again, note that NOT all fermented foods are created equally so look for clean ingredients. If sauerkraut, find a brand that only has water, cabbage, salt and any type of herbs you like. Make sure there are no natural flavors and weird ingredients in them. 



kombucha scoby

kombucha scoby

6. Fruit

Don't be scared of the natural sugar from fruit. They come with so much fiber and doesn't have the same effect on the body as processed sugars. I'm talking RIPE fruit. It's so much easier for your body to digest fruit when it's ripe and unfortunately many people don't know much about when fruit is really ripe and ready to eat. Bananas are one of my favorites and should not be consumed unless they have brown specks on them. Try papaya, mango and pineapple as they contain enzymes that are specifically good for digestion.


7. Chia seeds

The easy way is to mix 2tsp of chia seeds in 16oz of water and shake it well. Wait till they've soaked up some of the water and turned into a gewy texture. Let it sit in the fridge or on the counter and sip throughout the day! Or you can make a chia pudding and actually make it into a meal/snack. Recipe will be up later :) They're loaded with antioxidants and super high in fiber and contain a decent amount of protein as well as a good balance of  essential amino acids. The fiber in these little babies should help reduce your appetite and smooth things in your intestines as they help clean out your digestive track.


8. juice

Get your juices going. If you have a hard time getting your greens down, juice them! Though I also recommend increasing the amount of greens you consume in order to get the fiber. Juicing is the absolute easiest way to consume a lot of greens without having to chew on lettuce all day! Greens, lemons, herbs.. Maybe even do a 2-3 day juice fast just to give your digestion a break.  
Try one of these: 
~Beets, blood orange, lemon grass, cucumber, ginger, lemon
~Cucumber, aloe, mint, lemon grass, celery, lemon, greens
~Orange beets, turmeric, celery, ginger, pineapple, lemon

I perosnally highly recommend THIS juicer



Eat slowly and chew your food WELL. My personal way of doing this is by eating with chopsticks. You just can't shove as much food in as fast :D haha. And btw have you ever tried sitting with a metal spoon in your mouth for 5 min? It starts tasting like metal and feels super uncomfortable. That's why I try to always use wooden utensils and carry around my own. That way I don't have to deal with metal utensils or the waste of plastic unless I really have to. Most places just like Whole Foods have chop sticks right next to their plastic utensils. Try it out. Lemme know what you think.. I swear by it... You might be convinced if you try sucking on a metal spoon for a while.

And remember.. The journey is the destination! Healing your gut won't happen over night so enjoy the process..

With Love ❤ , Diana