Downsizing - Dealing With STUFF


Believe it or not, but when we signed our lease for our new place on April 1st, we thought it was a year long commitment.. It turned out a little bit differently.. There were some crazy stuff going on, including a neighbor who was demolishing his house and doing a year+ long project of building a 2 story house, so we got out! FAST! Within 24 hrs of making the decision to move out, we had packed and moved!! 

If you've seen my latest DIY blogs, you probable know that we had slowly started to accumulate STUFF again!! Thinking we needed it to fill our 'home' cuz of course you need furniture etc when you have a house, right?? But the universe wanted it differently.. 

To back up a little bit.. When I left Denmark back in 2013, I left ALL my STUFF ! A 2 bedroom apartment FULL of stuff. I had worked at a place equivalent to Home Goods so trust me.. I had A LOT of STUFF!! But I left it all. Only bringing my suitcase and enough clothes for what I thought would be a 3 week journey. As my journey and travels got longer, I started to think about HOW much money I had spend on dead things. About what kind of experiences I COULD have gotten for that kinda money! All that stuff that was now in boxes had no purpose other than now sitting in my friends basement!

After being here for 2,5 years now, I don't miss it. I don't NEED it.. I still think about how I USED to spend my money and it blows my mind.. Yet as we got our new place April 1st, I was excited to do it all over again! And now... I had to sell what I could and pack the rest in boxes again.. I guess I didn't completely get the message the first time.. haha!! 

so the question is... how much are you paying for dealing with stuff? And do you really need it? Is it weighing you down and holding you back? Maybe not! But for me it was a matter of waking up to the money I've spent on dead things and what I would rather do with it.

Prior to signing our lease, Dan tried convincing me of getting an RV and traveling around and I was SO against it. That was the LAST thing I wanted to do. It seemed too crazy and a little TOO minimalistic.. But now having had the experience with our last landlord and bills and neighbors etc.. I'm so over it.. SO SO SOOO OVER IT.. And I'm SO DONE with stuff.. All I wan't right now is a Tiny Home on wheels so we can go anywhere any time and NOT have stuff and obligations.. Dan of curse is getting pretty excited about how excited I am getting about it, haha <3 

I'm sooo excited.. I know that getting out of this house was/is a huuuuge blessing in disguise. I'm excited about downsizing, being even more minimalistic and living from a place of non resistance and just allowing what is. This month has taught us both soo sooo much. It's been hard, annoying, frustrating but awesome and what's to come will be even better.. I'm excited... sooo sooo excited :)

XO, Diana