Chasing My Dreams


They tell me it's wrong
That I should do as the rest
Don't take chances
Don't take risks

Cuz what if I fail??

We find satisfaction
In staying pathetic
By not taking chances
And never taking risks
That way
We're safe
but slowly dying
And never living

The mind is full of fear
Of what if's
Though never the good 'what if'

What if I succeeded
What if it happened
That I found piece
Fund joy
In sharing my gift
And changing the world

It's scary
But it won't stop me
Cuz I've learned
That no matter what
Life happens
I can't stop it

So I choose
I choose to use my power
To be the hero of my life
To forever keep going

I promise you
That I will forever be
Chasing my dreams


With Love ❤ , Diana