What to do when it's too cold for smoothies?

Lately I've been obsessed with tea ( It could be because it's December and I'm in Georgia, lol). It's getting a little cold here and it's not easy drinking a lot of cold smoothies when you're already freeeezing your buns off!!! But but but..I enjoy the cold weather just for that reason. I get to wear a scarf, layer up, drink tea and enjoy some hot soup. Living in California is not really ideal for those things. That said, I haven't been consuming any caffein for the last, who knows how long.. months.. I also don't enjoy green tea so I go crazy on the herbal teas.. Nettle, dandelion, raspberry leaf, ginger, you name it. Or if I wan't something sweater I go for Chai Rooibos mixed with coconut sugar & hazelnut milk.. I lOOOVE this combo. You'll see it in the vlog..

If you haven't tried this combo, you should.. That's all.. I've listed the products below to make it easier for you. 


I also try to drink about 16oz of lemon water with a tsp of ACV before anything else. After having my tea I'll usually have some fruit. Lately I've been indulging in pomegranates as their in season and I absolutely LOOVE love looove pomegranates.. I just can't stop. 

As you probably know, we travel a lot so my diet/what I eat changes a lot but this is my current routine.

After that I'll usually make a smoothie with banana, kale, strawberries, blueberries and hazelnut milk.. It's SOOO good.. (also in the vlog)

I also have a thing for this mug and I drink from it every day :D Just one of those habit things, you know? Also makes a good christmas gift for any tea/coffee lover..or fill it up with ice cream if you will :) Actually think Dan got this for christmas last year, not from me though.

Give it a try and lemme know what you think.. 
I already know you're gonna love it!