The Benefits Of Broth - A Healthy Gut

If you've ever heard about the gaps diet or leaky gut syndrome, then you've heard about the wonders of bone broth. Made correctly it's like collagen in a jar..pure jello and not something that looks particularly appetizing.. Actually, I dare to say that it's pretty close to impossible to take a flattering picture of cold bone broth.. None the less, the benefits are MANY! 

I know there are endless different beliefs when it comes to diet and many of you are vegan (but I'm gonna imagine that you're not if you clicked on this post ) So we're gonna leave the diet dogma disciusion for another day and proceed to the broth.

Many people believe that the majority of us have leaky gut because of the way we eat these days. If you haven't heard about leaky gut, don't worry, you can still enjoy the benefits of broth even if you're perfectly healthy.... Our gut is basically our second brain and if something goes wrong down there.. let's just say, a lot of other things can go wrong anywhere else.. Keeping a healthy gut is one of the most important things you can do. Broth for this reason, should be a staple in your home.. It's one of the most soothing and healing things you can feed your body and gut and as I said, it's a jar full of collagen which is good for our hair skin and nails.. As a side bonus.. It's suuuper cheap to make.. I used about 1,5 gallons of free spring water from a source here in Idaho and some organic buffalo bones for $7.. It's much better than buying store bought which often contain a lot of unnecessary ingredients and is often times not as potent - when I say potent , think jello. If it doesn't gell, it's not as potent.

Bone broth is often used in many cultures, especially in Asia for supporting the digestive system and for boosting the immune system. It helps joint and muscle pain and heals that leaky gut while also reducing inflammation in the body and supporting healthy skin bones and nails.. Gotta love the benefits of that collagen.. 

It's all about that gut.. So here's how I do it :)


*If you're new to broth it could be smart to start with chicken broth as it's less 'strong'/fatty. If you're not used to consuming high amounts of fat this can be somewhat hard to ingest. - at least it was for me. (chicken broth comming later)

Fill up your pot (as large as you want. I filled mine up with about 1,5 gallons of water and add some salt and pepper and bring it to a boil. I also use this spice mix from 'real salt' that just goes with anything and everything). Then add the my bones/joints ( I didn't have any of the pipe bones this time - tho ones full of marrow) so work with what you've got but they are ideal to incorporate when making broth.. Make sure it's bones from healthy grass fed cows or pasture raised chickens if you're making chicken broth. 

Bring it to a boil and let it cook for just a couple of minutes and then turn it down to a LOW simmer and I mean LOW. You also want to make sure you skim off the grey stuff that floats to the top.

Our gas stove doesn't allow a very low setting so I had to raise the pot by putting the other metal part from the stove on top of the other one.. I've seen some of my friends do this by simply putting bricks on the side of the stove for the pot to rest on.. Whatever your creativity allows here.. If you cook it at too fast/high temperature you risk that it won't gell.

Then let it cook for as long as you desire.. 12-24 hrs.. I also don't leave the lid on completely as it cooks too fast this way... Then, after a good 12 hrs the bones should be really tender and almost crumbled which means you successfully got all the good stuff out of the bones.

Then strain out the bones and meat if you added that, and separate it and put it in the fridge once it has cooled down a bit. As you can tell on the picture below, I make sure to get all the meat and gewy fat and stuff off the bones and keep them separated and add it when I heat it up again. You don't wanna throw this out.. 

As it get's cold I remove most of the fat from the top and then heat it up when I'm ready to eat it..

I add some potatoes and meat and let it simmer for 30 min and then turn off the heat and add my greens at the end as I don't want to cook those but just lightly heat them.. This is a mix of greens from the farmers market here so I really have no idea what all is in this.. :D

I've been craving raw garlic like crazy lately so I chopped up a few cloves and added it in there.. Don't recommend that unless you really love raw garlic and are craving it.. haha :D

This was from my first batch which turned out a lot darker as I had a lot more bones and a lot of marrow cooking with this..

This was from my first batch which turned out a lot darker as I had a lot more bones and a lot of marrow cooking with this..

The grey cloudy color could also be from not properly skimming the broth as I mentioned in the beginning,

Have fun with your broth...

, Diana