Baby Products I Use // Organic & NON-TOXIC


I consider myself a pretty minimal person so this list will be short but good.. To be honest, you don't really need much...


Coconut oil & avocado oil, boom, end of chapter!... Other options could be hemp oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, any kind of organic cold pressed oil will do.. So really... Reach for your kitchen cabinet and don't go buy any 'baby lotion' as many of them contain so many toxic chemicals that do more harm than good. Many lotions are actually made to make your skin more dry over time so you keep applying/buying their products. It's sad I know. But true non the less.

Natural oils is the way to go. It's all we use in this household and there's really no need to get anything different for your baby.. This is the most clean and non toxic product you can find for your skin. I honestly don't use much, for myself or her, but when I do, this is my go-to. 

* This avocado oil is pretty much the only oil I'll cook with these days.. It can tolerate much higher heat than olive oil so if you haven't already, I recommend you switch.




I got a teething necklace that has worked wonders for me. A teething necklace is a necklace made from amber that is not meant for your baby to chew on but that will give off some type of 'oil' when in contact with the skin that helps with pain relief.

On days when things got a little out of hand, I would use Camilia Teething Relief droppers followed by THE BOOB.... This works wonders every time and to be honest, the breast is the BEST remedy you have when it comes to pain relief so take advantage of it.. I always nurse way more when teeth are coming in or a growth spurt is happening.



The absolute best type of diaper I have come across is of course another Danish brand called Bambo Nature and they're INCREDIBLE. I mean INCREDIBLE. They hold over night like it's they're job.. which, it is... and their wipes are equcually as amazing. They're soft, smooth and gentle with the right amount of 'wetness' to wipe off anything. I've tried quite a few brands and I'll just go ahead and tell you now.. THIS IS IT GUYS!!!!

Their products are all free of chemicals and nasties that you don't want anywhere near your precious baby bum. This is a place where I'd recommend NOT compromising for the sake of saving money as it could cost you in different ways.. If you get the right kind of diapers you won't be dealing with diaper rash which means - you'll save your money by not having to buy whatever remedy to get rid of the diaper rash AND your baby will be less irritated and fussy.. so.. If that didn't convince you, I don't know what will.. 


I'm a loyal customer and ONLY use Dr. Bronners for myself AND baby. I typically get the lavender scented one but will  sometimes get the unscented one and add my own essential oils. I don't wash her hair (or mine) with this and I have to mention that I also do not use shampoo of any kind for her because I - do - not - wash - her - hair.. That's right.. I mean when you think about it for a sec... Have you ever tried just washing it with water and see what happens? I haven't washed Divina's hair (with anything but water) since being born (she's 16 months at this point).. No soap has touched her scalp and she has the most soft and shiny 'hair' ever. Water is all I use and need. 

The reason why your own hair gets so greasy as often is because the PH is off. This is very likely because you've grown up using some questionable soap full of sulfates and chemicals ( I'm not judging here - I used to be a big fan of Phantene myself) but these questionable products changes the natural PH of your hair and an unbalanced PH means -greasy or dry hair.. Anywho.. I'll be talking more about adult hair in a different blog so we'll leave it here for now. You may have one of those babies that just came out with a full lions mane and I'm telling you, try it out.. Before you use any other product, wash it with only water and see what happens.


A lot of you ask if I use sunscreen for Divina and the answer is no.. I haven't yet.. As you may have seen on my vlogs, I have her out in the very early morning sun NAKED as often as possible as it's healthy for her to get some natural vitamin D and build her tolerance in a safe way.. My mom (being from Asia) did the same thing to me when I was a baby and I really think it's mostly a westernized way of thinking that we have to be SO concerned about the sun. But as with anything I advise you to do your own research and of course keep your baby out of the mid day sun as it can be way too strong on their sensitive skin. This is my own opinion and experience and you know we generally talk a lot about getting that daily naked sun time here as it is vital for healthy hormones. But if I were to buy sunscreen at some point I would probably go for this one which is free of chemicals, gluten-free, vegan & hypo-allergenic.

So there you have it. That's my simple list of non toxic products that I use. I'm not a big fan of using a lot of different products as I also don't find that I need them but feel free to leave a comment and let me know if you've got any suggestions for things I should try or know about.

❤ Diana