Almond Milk


I loooove making my own almond milk and If you've ever done it yourself, you'll know why. The store bought stuff just doesn't even taste like real almond milk. It's so simple that there's really no reason NOT to make your own. The only thing to look out for is that you use RAW almonds but TAKE NOTE; most raw almonds that you find in the store are actually not raw. They've still been either heat-pasteurized or treated with a fumigant as it's required by law and for some reason, this only goes for almonds? If they're not steamed, they must be fumigated with a chemical called propylene oxide... soooo... Yeah.. basically my recommendation is to see if you can find some RAW almonds at your local farmers market which is what I do.  


  • 1 cup raw almonds
  • Enough spring water to cover them ( no tap water here - or EVER, you should know that by now ;)
  • 5 cups water
  • pinch of salt
  • Pure vanilla bean powder or vanilla essence ( I prefer the powder but it can be $$)
  • Sweetener of choice - (4 Medjool Dates or 1 tbsp Maple Syrup)
  • High speed blender and nut milk bag.* 

    I've tried quite a few and it DOES matter which one you use for the best outcome. 
    I HIGHLY recommend THIS ONE


Soak your almonds in enough water that they remain covered and soaked for 8-12hrs.
Personally I soak them the day before and if I don't get around to making it, I'll store them (still covered in water) for an extra day or 2 and they're still fine. 

Once soaked, you could 'pinch them' I'm not sure what that process is called but basically remove the skin (Just squeeze the almond and the skin comes right off) which will leave you with a much more smooth milk. Drain the water and poor your almonds + 5 cups of water in your blender and blend for a solid minute or more on high speed. The less water you use the more creamy the milk will be so you could try with 4 cups if you want a thicker more creamy milk. 

Poor into your nut milk bag and strain the milk into a bowl.

If I'm using dates I personally prefer to just add 2 cups of the milk back in the blender along with vanilla, salt and dates and blend until there's no chunks left. I find it to be easier to get the chunks out this way rather than blending the entire batch. Pour it all into a glass jar and store for up to a week. Mine won't last that long but you can easily tell when it has gone bad as it will have a sour taste.

Go nuts and have fun.

❤ , Diana