Welcome to my LifeAsDiana..
There's about 1000 different sides to me so I'll do my best to share a bit here..

Ever heard the quote "quit your job, buy a ticket, fall in love, never return"? Well... That's basically the story of my life. The most recent story anyway.. I 'grew up' (are we ever really done growing up?) in Denmark but you'll rarely see me there, not just bc the weather S&*%$ but bc in 2012 I took a leap of faith and went to a retreat in The US where I met my now husband Daniel (that incredibly sexy guy in the photo - lucky me). Chemistry at first sight, a 5 week long date in Peru and 5 months later we were married. Fast forward 40+ states, 9 countries and 4 years later, we got pregnant which meant I went into nesting mode and we decided to be a little less nomadic and get a little more settled as we waited for the arrival of our beautiful little daughter Divina.

Since we met we've been full time modern day nomads living traveling the world and living on the road. This site along with my youtube started as a way of documenting my journey. An online diary for myself and family but became a way of sharing my experiences and knowledge and inspiring others to live the best life possible. ❤

What else... I’m a true foodie and one of the things that excite me the most about traveling is definitely food..and nature ofc, I'm all about that wilderness and connecting with the spirits and energy of the land.. But as for food.. I love creating healthy versions of everything I can think of. If you've been a follower for a while you know I ain't about those chemicals, pesticides or GMOs so that's why I share my green, organic and non toxic ways of living. I also don't subscribe to any diet dogma. My philosophy is to eat whole foods and use some good old intuition. That goes for anything. INTUITION is what will guide you in the right direction and most of the time, if it makes sense to your left brain, it's probably not the best idea. Just sayin.... Aaaaaanywho.. If there's one thing I can leave you with today it's this.... "You cannot attract things that are not aligned with your beliefs. What do you believe in?" Magic is real when you choose to believe in it. ❤

XO, Diana